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There are four different routes you may travel to arrive at Harpole's Heartland Lodge.

The first route, through Pleasant Hill, Illinois, is the easiest way to find the lodge. There should be signs this way.

The second route is from Pittsfield, IL for guests traveling from the north.

The third route is the scenic road, with beautiful views. It passes an intriguing elk farm. No signs on this route.

The fourth route is if you are coming up the Illinois side through Alton.


Our GPS Coordinates:
39 24' 18.75" N, 90 47' 24.54"W

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Directions & Weather 

Route 1: Recommended Route

Pleasant Hill - Quickest, Fastest, and Blacktop Road. There should be signs on this route. Take Highway 96 South to the four-way stop in Pleasant Hill, Illinois. Go straight for 4.7 miles into Calhoun County. Turn left after you cross a small bridge onto #3680 N Howell Hollow Rd. Take the first left onto Carrolton Road #770E (about 1 1/4 miles.) Travel up the big hill and go about 1/4 mile. The lodge is on the right and sits behind an 'off white' house. A red and black wagon sits in the front yard. From St. Louis, MO, take Highway 70 to Highway 79 North to Louisiana, MO. In Louisiana, turn east on Highway 54. Cross the Mississippi River, travel to Atlas and turn right at the stop sign on to Highway 96. You will be traveling south and follow the above directions. From Alton/East St. Louis, you can travel north on the Illinois side of the Mississippi to Highway 96 (see directions for Route 4.) Look for our sign on Highway 96. From Chicago, Springfield and Pittsfield, Illinois, start with Route 2. Check-in is at the second lodge.  



Route 2: From Pittsfield

Pittsfield to Nebo, Illinois. When traveling from Chicago, Springfield, Pittsfield, Illinois and the Eastern US, you will be going through Nebo to arrive at the lodge. From Chicago take Interstate 55-S to Springfield. Take Interstate 72-W and exit at the Pittsfield-Griggsville exit. (Turn left at top of off-ramp to Pittsfield Highway 107 South.) Go to first stop light (Shell Station on corner.) Go straight 1 block and turn left (watch for Nebo signs). Stay on this Nebo-Pittsfield road for 13 miles. At the stop sign on the edge of Nebo, take a right ( at 'T' in road.) Travel about 7 blocks. You can continue straight to Hwy. 96 and take Route 1 or continue with Route 2. There are no signs on Route 2. If taking Route 3, turn left at Union Street. Go through town, over railroad tracks, and over bridge. Go straight to the 'T' and take a right. Stay left from that point on (around 2 1/2 miles.) All lefts - don't forget! The Lodge will be on left side of road. It sits behind an 'off white' house. Lodge is hard to see in summer as it sits behind the trees. A red and black wagon sits in front yard. Again, there are no signs on this route!! Check-in is at the second lodge.  



Route 3: Scenic Route

Scenic View - Gravel Road. Take Highway 96 to Pleasant Hill, Illinois. At four way stop in Pleasant Hill, Illinois, go straight. Travel 2.3 Miles. Turn left on gravel road #2798E. Stay right for 3 1/2 miles. Always stay to the right - rights only! The Lodge sits behind an 'off white' house. Lodge is hard to see in summer as it sits behind the trees. A red and black wagon sits in front yard. There are no signs on this route!! Check-in is at the second lodge.  



Route 4: Illinois Route from the South

If you are coming up through Alton, Illinois, you will want to follow these directions: Take Hwy. 100 through Grafton, Hardin to Kampsville. In Kampsville, turn left (west) onto Hwy. 96 to Mosier. At Mosier, turn right at the “T”, staying on Hwy. 96. You will pass a small town called Belleview. Continue heading north for three miles from Belleview and turn right onto Howell Hollow Road. (There should be a blue state sign that says "Tourist Attraction: Harpole’s Heartland Lodge" at the turn.) Travel one mile and turn left. You will go up a hill. At the top of the hill go for about a ¼ mile and the resort is on the right. Check-in is at the second lodge.  



Distances from Larger Cities

  • St. Louis, MO - 80 miles northeast of St. Louis
  • Chicago, IL - 275 miles southwest of Chicago
  • Kansas City, MO - 357 miles northeast of Kansas City
  • Springfield, IL - 78 miles southwest Springfield
  • Quincy, IL - 50 miles southeast of Quincy
  • Hannibal, MO - 40 miles southeast of Hannibal