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  • The Quiet Gobbler
    The Quiet Gobbler
    Posted by admin
    Well as sad as it is for me to say this; my turkey season has now come to a close. The 2014 Turkey Season was a successful one and added many new stories that I will treasure for years to come. From successful youth hunts, some first time gobblers, and s
  • Deer Herd Health in the Midwest
    Deer Herd Health in the Midwest
    Posted by admin
    I guess one could say that I stay in tune with the whitetail deer hunting world all year long. I visit hunting forums, social media, websites, read magazines, and subscribe to various blogs and e-articles. I don’t have outdoor television programming at
  • Winter Whitetails…Where to find them
    Winter Whitetails…Where to find them
    Posted by admin
    Winter Whitetails…Where to find them With the holiday season rapidly approaching most hunters are probably thinking more about egg nog and Santa Claus than they are about whitetail hunting. There is a select few hunters that love this time of year for d
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  • Lining Up For Ducks - Understanding Long Line Decoying
    Lining Up For Ducks - Understanding Long Line Decoying
    Posted by admin
    We were not chasing typical high flying mallards or whistling wood ducks. These were wildly colored diving ducks. Pushing down from the arctic as the deadly weather of winter encompasses the landscape, bluebills, goldeneyes, redheads, old squaws and the
  • 12/3/2013
    Watch for Trailing Bucks During the Whitetail Rut
    Posted by admin
    Nothing gets a whitetail hunter’s blood flowing faster than an all-out rut fest. Does flying out from every inch of brush like they were shot out of a pinball machine and bucks act as barriers trying to corral them. Logs snap like tooth picks and any o
  • Building Brush Blinds for Whitetail Deer Hunting
    Building Brush Blinds for Whitetail Deer Hunting
    Posted by admin
    Building Brush Blinds Where and how to properly build a brush blind Scrub brush, briars, vines and saplings growing wildly well above the head of a grown person create near impenetrable landscapes for huma
  • Early Season Whitetail Deer Hunting.
    Early Season Whitetail Deer Hunting.
    Posted by admin
    Early season hunting. Play aggressive or conservative. Thoughts from both sides of the discussion. Early archery season especially for whitetails is a crap shoot. Weather periodically fluctuates from Indian summers to November like


Whitetail Deer Hunting Lodge Whitetail Deer Hunting
Harpole's Heartland Lodge is known as one of the best whitetail deer hunting lodges and outfitters in the country. Pike County, Illinois deer hunting is known for its abundance, and Heartland Lodge is located between the Mississippi and Illinois River drainages - the perfect habitat for large whitetail bucks.
Upland Bird Hunting Upland Bird Hunting
Experience some of the best wild quail hunting and pheasant hunting in Illinois! Hunt for native bobwhite quail and pheasant behind some of the best German Shorthair Pointers and English Pointers in the country. This Orvis endorsed wing shooting operation is one of the finest in the country.
Waterfowl Hunting Lodge Waterfowl Hunting
Heartland waterfowl is unsurpassed in quality and can not be compared to any other area in the United States. Hunting is along the Mississippi River Valley, providing a unique atmosphere that every dedicated waterfowl hunter should experience.
Turkey Hunting Turkey Hunting
Turkey hunting at Heartland is a favorite among hunters visiting the lodge. We have designed Heartland Lodge with you, the hunter, in mind. Enjoy hunting native turkey in natural habitat. An abundance of CRP fields mixed with fields of milo and hardwoods present habitat ideal for turkey hunting.
Sporting Clays Shooting Course Sporting Clays Course
Heartland's 15-station sporting clays course is one of the finest in the Midwest. Located on 15 acres around the beautiful Heartland Lodge, this course is one that you will want to shoot again and again. Each shooting station simulates different hunting settings, like racing rabbits, overhead Mallard, springing teal, and more.
Illinois Vacation Packages Illinois Vacation – Spend Your Next IL Vacation With Us!
If you are looking for an Illinois vacation, there is no need to look any further. Heartland has vacation packages for everyone. Our Illinois resort is a unique and fun vacation spot. You can relax and enjoy all the activities our vacation resort has to offer, or you can venture out to the many area attractions.