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  • Hunting Gift Certificates for Christmas
    Hunting Gift Certificates for Christmas
    Posted by admin
    Still have to play Santa and need a good idea? A gift certificate for a hunt at Heartland Lodge is a perfect Christmas gift for that special someone on your list! This unique gift will be one that they will never forget and will sure to be used. We ha
  • Reserve Your 2012 Winter/Spring Dates
    Reserve Your Winter/Spring Dates
    Posted by admin
    Now is the time to reserve your winter/spring upland hunt! Dates are starting to fill up a littler earlier this year. Call now to make sure you receive your choice dates. Enjoy our great guides, awesome dog work, wonderful lodging and incredible meals.
  • Tips For Opening Day Pheasant Hunting
    Tips For Opening Day Pheasant Hunting
    Posted by admin
    Tips For Opening Day Pheasant Hunting By Chris Larsen Opening day of pheasant season is a lot like the first day of school. Everyone is wearing their fancy new clothes, people are wandering around aimlessly, and lessons are about to be learned. Hun
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  • Don't change a thing! I have been a lot of places and this tops them all! Everything from Matt making us laugh on the sporting clay range to Brad and his team of dogs that blew my mind in the field. These guides are so fun and friendly. Then top it off with the amazing lodge, service, and food. I haven't stopped smiling since I arrived at Heartland and I'm sure I will drive everyone back home crazy talking about this trip for months. Thank you so much for an unbelievable trip!
    - Sam Mette-Teutopolis, Illinois
  • This is the second trip to Harpole's Heartland Lodge for a great experience once again.  We did the upland hunt last year and a combo hunt during this stay.  Great lodge, staff, and guests.  Guides are second to none and show my son the love of hunting which he can't get enough of. We will be back.
    - Steven Granberg-MO
  • Overall, our experience was wonderful.  We enjoyed being members of the Heartland Lodge family.  Terry Abney was a wonderful guide and we enjoyed hunting with him and his dogs.  The overall upland hunting experience is top notch and I can't think of anything else to make it better.  Hope we can come back again in the future!
    - Jason Valiga
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The Ten Most Important Dog Training Tips

Repetition – Dog learn through repetition. You need to be consistent so that the dogs understand what you want him to do and avoiding mixed signals.


Trust your abilities – Be confident that you can train your dog and do a good job at it.  This will make training your dog successful no matter what techniques you use. Think positive!


Read your dog – In order to train your dog you must be able to read him know his strengths and weakness.  Know how far you can push him without breaking his spirit. Read his body language in order to know if he understands and respond as you see fit.


Respond Quickly – Respond quickly to both positive and negative behaviors. This allows your dog to know that there will be praise or rewards for good behavior and consequences for bad behavior.


Attitude – Dogs learn from positive attitudes.  If you reward the dog for a job well done they are more likely to repeat that task.  Never have an angry attitude when correcting behaviors. This will not teach the dog it only ruins your relationship with him. Always end your training session positive.


Notes – Keep a journal of what works and what doesn’t.  Track what was taught so that you can go back to see progress made from session to session.


Socialize – A dog needs to be socialized.  They need positive encounters with other dogs, people, and their surroundings on a regular basis starting as a puppy.


Surroundings – In the beginning dogs need to be free of distractions.  This helps them focus on you. As the dog learns what you want from him introduce new surroundings and distractions.


Wellbeing – In order for your dog to work to his potential he needs to be in good health.  Feed high-quality food. Visit Vet regularly for shots and yearly check ups.  Keep him on a monthly routine of wormer and flea and tick medicine, even during the winter.


Versatility - Each dog is different. He will learn at a different pace than another dog you may have already trained or come in contact with. Be prepared to use different training techniques. Some techniques don’t work for all dogs. Have patience!