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  • Whitetail - Opening Day Count Down  (8/27/2013)
  • NAHC E-mail  (8/16/2013)
  • Upland Summer Newsletter  (7/16/2013)
  • Summer Resort 2013 Newsletter  (7/12/2013)
  • Spring Resort E-mail  (4/17/2013)
  • Winter Upland 2013  (2/8/2013)
  • Enjoy our Upland Special! Tips for Beginners.
  • turkey 2013  (2/1/2013)
  • Now is the time to book your 2013 spring turkey hunt. Also start looking for sheds.
  • 2013 Winter Resort Newsletter  (1/30/2013)
  • Join us for a Girls' Getaway Weekend. February is a romantic month...enjoy a Luxury Suite.
  • 2012 September Resort  (9/12/2012)
  • Now is the time to reserve your Vacation, Family Reunion and Wedding. Also enter our $500 photo contest!
  • Whitetial September Newsletter  (8/31/2012)
  • Creek Bottom Bucks. See what they do during hot weather.
  • Upland August Newsletter  (8/28/2012)
  • The fall hunting season is almost here! We are giving away a 3 night/ 2 day upland hunt!
  • 2012 Summer Resort  (7/3/2012)
  • June 2012 Whitetail Newsletter  (6/13/2012)
  • Upland February Letter  (2/15/2012)
  • Winter Upland Newsletter  (1/26/2012)
  • Whitetail January 2012  (1/9/2012)
  • I hope this e-mail finds you doing well in the New Year! Please take a minute to check out some of the incredible hunts, memories and traditions that were created in 2011 at Heartland Lodge along with amazing testimonials from our hunters.

    Now is the time to book your 2012 hunt. If you are looking for a prime spot please do not hesitate as they are starting to fill up early this year. The 2011 season was great all around so don't miss out on being a part of a memorable 2012.
  • Nov/Dec Upland Email  (11/28/2011)
  • Nov/Dec Resort E-mail  (11/28/2011)
  • Whitetail August 2011  (8/30/2011)
  • See what dates we have left for the 2011 season, trail cam photos and scouting videos!
  • Resort August Newsletter 2011  (8/8/2011)
  • August and September are the last months to stay before our resort season ends and our hunting begins. Find out more about open dates and what has been happening this summer at the lodge.
  • Upland August Newsletter  (8/4/2011)
  • Take advantage of our Fall Upland Special. Also learn more apout our guides and the latest on how our food plots are doing.
  • Whitetail June 2011  (6/7/2011)
  • As the noise from summer BBQ's and family gatherings are taking place, put your mind at ease and remember you're only a couple months away from sitting quietly and peacefully in the deer woods. Take a moment now and check out an amazing story from this past year, along with tag application information and spots available for 2011.
  • Resort Spring Newsletter 2011  (5/3/2011)
  • Our guests ask us about our secret recipes and our comfy beds. We have decided to give our newsletter followers a couple of our secrets. Yes, that is right, Just click on the the links below and you will be see our secrets:
  • February Upland Promotion  (1/25/2011)
  • Bed n Breakfast - January  (1/20/2011)
  • Whitetail Turkey Apr 2010 -Click Here For More Info  (4/21/2010)
  • 2010 Remaining Whitetail Openings!

    **Opening Week Archery** Arrive Sept. 30, hunt Oct. 1-5 and depart Oct.6. Hunt cost is $2550 per hunter. Only 5 remaining spots!

    **Halloween Pre Rut/Rut** Arrive Oct. 25, hunt Oct. 26-30 and depart Oct. 31. Hunt cost $3650, 6 remaining spots.

    **Peak Rut** Arrive Nov. 6, hunt Nov. 7-11 and depart Nov. 12. Hunt cost $3950 per hunter. Only 4 remaining spots.

    **Rut Firearm** Arrive Nov. 18, hunt Nov. 19-21 and depart Nov. 22. Only 2 remaining spots!

    **Firearm Season** Arrive Dec. 1, hunt Dec. 2-5 and depart Dec. 6. Hunt cost is $3350 per hunter, 6 remaining hunts left.

    **Muzzleloader Only** Arrive Dec. 9, hunt Dec. 10-12 and depart Dec. 13. Hunt cost is $2450 per hunter, 7 remaining hunts.
  • Resort April 2010  (4/20/2010)
  • Spring is finally here! The trees and flowers are blooming and everyone at the lodge is enjoying the great weather!

    Morel Mushrooms are just starting to come up! The next several weeks should be perfect if you enjoy hunting Morels.

    Spring is one of my favorite times of the year at the lodge; I look forward to seeing you in the next few weeks
  • Aug 20 2009 B&B  (8/20/2009)
  • I wanted to remind you that September 29th is the last day that we book regular overnight guests until the first of the year. The end of August and all of September are very popular times to visit. (The weather is perfect for ATV & horseback riding, hay rides, bonfires, etc) There is still some availability on weekends but dates are starting to fill up. You can save $10 off your overnight stay if you make reservations during the week. (Good for new reservations only.)
  • Whitetail Newsletter July 2009  (7/2/2009)
  • While making my rounds I have notice an increase in antler growth this year, whether or not it is due to the extremely wet spring and the growth of the food sources, or my imagination. I have already noted several bucks with growth past there G 3's and several within days of getting to that point. With all of the rain we have received this past spring our food plots have grown to amazing levels supplying the whitetail herd a variety to choose from.
  • July 4th Weekend 2009  (6/16/2009)
  • I would like to invite you to spend the July 4th weekend with us! There is plenty to do around the resort or take a day trip to one of the surrounding towns. Enjoy our evening hayride that stops and overlooks a scenic view of the Mississippi River Valley. From this view you will watch Pleasant Hill's firework show. (One of the best in the mid-west) along with 5 other firework shows on the horizon! This unique experience is one you will always remember!
  • Whitetail Jun 2009  (6/4/2009)
  • Dear Whitetail Hunters,
    Here at Heartland Lodge we have started a new month, which in turn brings us one step closer to deer season here in Pike Co, IL. With all of the rain we have had, our food plots have increased growth, by leaps and bounds. Along with that, we have seen some outstanding antler developement while making my rounds in the evenings, which only elevates our impatience for this fall. I still have a select few archery hunts available for this fall and with the non-resident tag application ending June 30th, the days are winding down for your chance to receive a quaranteed tag. I truly hope you are able to hunt with us this fall and for those of you that are already made your plans, I look forward to seeing you in camp.
  • May Whitetail 2009  (5/11/2009)
  • Here at Heartland Lodge we are in full gear for the whitetail season and have just finished up our 2009 turkey season. As always with the end of a hunting season you never really want it to end. Our turkey season went well for the most part, not every one harvested a bird or even was able to take a shot, but we created friendships that will last for years to come.
  • April Whitetail  (4/2/2009)
  • I am looking forward to a great year here in west central Illinois, and with all of the issues that surround the hectic life styles of the modern world, I can't help but look to this year's deer season to relief.
  • Wedding 2009  (3/25/2009)
  • Heartland Lodge is the perfect location to host your destination wedding. You can have the rehearsal, wedding, reception and your honeymoon in one convenient location. Heartland offers all the quality of an expensive wedding without the costs. In fact if you book rooms at the lodge your wedding may not cost you anything!
  • 3 Day Hunts  (3/17/2009)
  • I am looking forward to the 2009 season and the turn around of this economy. Hopefully things are looking up for you and you have a chance to hunt with us this fall. I just wanted to update you on some of our archery hunts that are still available.
  • Elk Hunt  (3/13/2009)
  • If you have always dreamed of harvesting a monster elk, or have become frustrated with the draw process in some states, I have an opportunity that you do not want to pass up. I host an Elk hunt each year on a ranch in MT.
  • Upland-Spring SpecialMar 04 2009  (3/4/2009)
  • Most of us have made it through the winter and are anxiously waiting for the coming of spring! Don't put away those shotguns just yet!
  • Mar Whitetail  (3/3/2009)
  • I hope March is going well for you and your families. I know the Heartland Lodge family is gearing up for this year's huning season and look forward to seeing you in camp this fall.
  • Last Chance Turkey Hunts  (2/11/2009)
  • Just a reminder that spring turkey season is coming up fast here in Illinois and I don't want you to miss out on an outstanding opportubity to hunt Illinois's 1st turkey season.
  • February 2009-B&B  (2/10/2009)
  • I hope this newsletter finds you doing well! It has been a cold winter this year and everyone is looking forward to spring.
  • Feb European Pheasant Shoot  (2/5/2009)
  • I have set a date for February 28th, 2009 for a driven hunt. It will be open to anyone that would like to participate.
  • 2009 Archery  (2/3/2009)
  • Whether or not you are able to hunt with us this year or not I look forward to staying in touch thoughout the season and possibly seeing you in camp if the future.
  • Whitetail Firearm  (1/22/2009)
  • If you have any questions or are wanting to secure a spot, don't hesitate to call at 217-734-2526, or shoot me an email. Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you.
  • End of The Year Whitetail and Turkey  (12/30/2008)
  • The 2008 season turned out to be one of our best seasons since I have been manager here at the lodge. We didn't harvest the largest bucks in area by no means but we had a good share of close encounters with some great deer, and some great stories to go with them.
  • Gift Certificate  (12/18/2008)
  • Still have to play Santa and need a good idea? A gift certificate for a stay at Heartland Lodge is a perfect Christmas gift for that special someone on your list!
  • Upland Xmas Email  (12/16/2008)
  • Take advantage of some incredible upland hunting at a great price! Experience the same hunt as our fall hunts at a much lower price. The only difference is that our room space is in much higher demand in the fall with whitetail and waterfowl hunters.
  • Turkey Season  (10/17/2008)
  • Now is the time to book your Turkey hunt for the 2009 season. You will not find a higher quality turkey hunting package any where.
  • Upland Promotion-December 2008  (10/13/2008)
  • I hope this e-mails finds you doing well. If you have not already made your reservations for this fall, now is the time to take advantage of our Upland Promotion.
  • Wingshooting Sept 2008  (9/2/2008)
  • Our season officially opened September 1st. We had a great time last year and I'm looking forward to a better one this year! I have been seeing and hearing a lot of birds this summer!
  • Heartland Lodge Whitetail Updates  (8/19/2008)
  • You still have the opportunity to purchase a non resident archery tag if you are looking to Archery Hunt with us here in Pike County Illinois. The IDNR has releaseed 7500 tags for non residents to purchase.
  • B&B Aug 2008  (8/19/2008)
  • I am very excited that phase one of our new web site is almost complete! We are still tweaking some photos and text but the majority of the work is done.
  • Heartland Lodge Whitetail Season Updates  (6/24/2008)
  • While making my rounds I have notice an increase in antler growth this year, whether or not it is due to the extremely wet spring and the growth of the food sources, or my imagination.
  • Whitetail May 2008  (5/14/2008)
  • David Haught, with his guide Drew, smoked this outstanding buck which score 163" and change.
  • May B&B 2008  (5/6/2008)
  • Spring is finally here! The trees and flowers are blooming and everyone at the lodge is welcoming the warm sunshine.

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