Ron Isaac
Ron with his 150"
Sam Epley
Sam Epley with his nice 8 point
Steve Boyden
Steve and his amazing guide Jeff with Steve's 155"
Steve Boyden
Steve with his 155" 10 point
Scott Gatewood
Friend of Heartland Lodge shot a freak!
Tom Wiley
Tom Wiley shot a fantastic 170" Monster Whitetail!!
Lauren Christian
Lauren Christian and her 140" Nice Buck!
Steve Boyden
Steve Boyden and his beautiful 153" buck. Congrats Steve!!
Matthew McPhillips
Matt shot his first deer here at Heartland. Congrats Matt!
Jim Pahel
Jim smoked this nice 10 pointer!
Jim Pohel
Jim's Pohel's 10 pointer
Just Another Day in Pike County
Tom Wiley (right) with his 170" and Guide Ben. Courtny Ray and his 130" (center) with guide Kyle. Bill Gillenwater Sr and his 140" with guide Shuan (left).
Bill Gillenwater Sr.
Bill and his 140" Brute with guide Shaun
Bill Gillenwater Sr.
Bill with his 140" stud.
Courtney Ray
Courtney Ray with his 130" stud
Tom Wiley
Tom's booner 170"
Tom Wiley's Amazing Pike County Hunt
Tom's 170" and his guide Ben.  Great buck!!
Another Great Day in the Woods
Steve Wall (far right) with guide Casey, Joe Hollenshead (Center) with guide Yankee and Bret Kreutz (Far Right) with guide Ben. All had an amazing day in the woods, Great job!
Bret Kreutz
Bret Kreutz shot this 140" whitetail in Novemember. 
Bret Kreutz
Bret Kreutz and his 140" whitetail deer. 
Joe Hollenshead
Joe Hollenshead with guide Matt "Yankee" showing off Joe'e 138" whitetail. 
Joe Hollenshead
Joe Hollenshead with his 138" whitetail deer.
Steve Wall
Steve Wall shot this awesome 140" whitetail deer with help from his guide Casey. 
Brad Christian
Brad Christian with Guide Matt "Batman" showing off Brad's 135" whitetail
Lauren Christian
Lauren Chirtian and her nice 140" whitetail!
Heath Phillips
Heath Phillips and his 167" booner whitetail deer.
Heath Phillips
Heath Phillips shot this 167" whitetail deer with help from his guide Casey.
These are sheds that were found on the property
Tommy Hines
Tommy Hines and guide Casey with Tommy's 130" deer.
Shed Hunting
Nick Munche and friends came to do some shed hunting. 
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