Sunset Valley

Great Room
This is the view of the Great Room you will have when you walk through the front door of Sunset Valley!
Great Room
This is a view in the Great Room from the fireplace.
Great Room
This room looks great from any angle!
Recreational Room
Enjoy this cozy room with fireplace. This room has it all! 100" TV with surround sound, card/game table, custom made bar, shuffle board, pool table, air hockey and enough seating for everyone to enjoy!
Recreational Room
This is a view in the recreation room from the 100" television looking back to the bar and pool table.
Custom Made Bar
The amazing bar was custom made. You will enjoy great stories and times sitting on these bar stools.
Recreational Room
This is a picture of the recreation room looking over the pool table to the 100" big screen television. There is surround sound through-out the entire room so you can enjoy a game of pool and still hear the game on the big screen!
Pool Table
Enjoy a game of pool or air hockey!
The Grand Suite
Picture of the amazing bed and chairs in The Grand Suite.
The Grand Suite
Sit and relax in these comfy chairs in The Grand Suite and watch the sun set over the amazing valley view of the Mississippi River.
Grand Suite Jacuzzi
Soak in this Jacuzzi and enjoy the same amazing view found through-out this suite.
All Abut The View Suite
You will never have to leave this room if you don't want to. Pictured here are two comfy sitting chairs, full wet bar on the right, ultra comfy bed on the left and a desk in the back.
All About The View Suite
View of the ultra comfy bed from the heart-shaped Jacuzzi that has an amazing view of the river valley.
Sunset View Suite
Picture of the heart-shaped Jacuzzi and ultra comfy bed.
Sunset View Suite
View across the bed looking at the flat screen TV, Jacuzzi and your own private sun room!
Wilderness Room
This cozy room is located on the main floor and has its own amazing view of the sunset, along with private access to the large deck and gazebo.
Wilderness Room
View from the other side of the bed in the Wilderness Room.
Pintail Room
This could be the coziest room in the lodge/cabin! The room can be reserved with its own private bath or can be reserved with the Bear Creek Room that would share the bath. (If you reserve the Pintail Room privately, we will not book anyone in the Bear Creek Room.)
Bear Creek Room
This is a very cozy room. (This room shares a bath with the Pintail Room if booked together.)
Blue Bird Room
This cozy room is already a favorite among guests who have visited.
Dining Room
This handmade Old Hickory dining room table and chairs is a wonderful place to enjoy meals (hen making your own meals).
Custom Elk Door - Outside
Custom made out of mahogany and oak.
Rear View of Sunset Valley
This a a picture of the rear of Sunset Valley and shows the large deck.
Luxury Kitchen
This kitchen has it all and can be used to fix meals or snacks while staying at Sunset Valley. (Check back in April/May 2014 for more photos.)
Cabin Wine Cellar
This truly unique wine cellar is a must see. The door itself is very unique and beautiful. (Check back in April/May 2014 for more photos.)
Custom Door - Inside View
This handcrafted door is made out of mahogany and oak and took over a year to make! (Check back in April/May 2014 for more photos.)
Iris Flowers at Sunset Valley
Beautiful Iris flowers surround Sunset Valley Lodge & Cabin during the summer. (Check back in April/May 2014 for more photos.)
Sunset View - All Season Room
This beautiful sun room is connected to the Sunset View Suite. (Check back in April/May 2014 for more photos.)
Aerial Photo Of Sunset Valley Cabin
This is an aerial photo of Sunset Valley and buildings. (Check back in April/May 2014 for more photos.)
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