The Original Lodge/Cabin

Great Room - Original Cabin
This is a very special room that you will love and enjoy. This room is very cozy and relaxing.
Great Room
Another photo of this amazing room.
Whitetail Suite
This room is a favorite among our returning guests. Curl up and enjoy this cozy room.
Whietail Suite Bathroom
This luxury bath has a Jacuzzi, double vanity, shower and plenty of room.
Whitetail Suite - Jacuzzi
Step in and relax in this two-person Jacuzzi.
Original Cabin - Back View
This cabin is the most beautiful from the back.
Original Cabin - Winter
Winter is one of the best times to enjoy the cabin. Relax next to the wood burning fireplace in the Great Room and if you're lucky enought, snow will be falling outside.
Angler Room Bed
The Angler Room has a queen bed and a set of bunk beds.
Anlger Room Bunk Beds
The Angler Room has a set of bunk beds for the family to enjoy. We only have one of these rooms so reserve it early.
Angler Room Bath
This private bath in the Angler room has a full tub.
Original Lodge - Night
This beautiful photo made the cover of our brochure. This is the view you will enjoy from the bonfire each evening.
Regular Room
All of our Regular rooms have two twin beds and a private bath. (Two of the regular rooms have twin bunk beds.)
Regular Room Bathroom.
All of our rooms feature their own private bathroom.
Dining Table
This table in the Original Cabin is perfect for dining if you are preparing your own meals. If eating in our dining hall, this is a perfect place to play cards, games or just sit around and tell stories.
Board Room
The hand made table, with a painting of the lodge in the center, is surrounded by chairs that conform to your back so you can sit for hours.
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