Cheesy Potatos
Cheesy Potato-ey goodness.
Salad Flower
Get your dinner started right.
A Beautiful Cake
Delicious AND beautiful!
Morning Egg Blossoms
Start the day off right with a morning egg blossom.
Amazing Desserts
Deliciousness at Harpole's Heartland Lodge.
Cinnamon Rolls
Cinnamon Rolls make a yummy breakfast.
Bacon...cooked to perfection.
Coconut Cream Pie
Just look at the meringue on our Coconut Cream Pie!
Chocolate Mousse Pie
Our Chocolate Mousse Pie is a favorite among our guests.
Twice Baked Potato
Twice Baked Potato
Homemade Corn Bread
Homemade Corn Bread
Our table is all set for breakfast.
Mouth-Watering Dessert
Be sure and leave room for one of our mouth-watering desserts!
Dinner Salad
Fruit Bowl
Getting creative with oranges and strawberries is a great way to serve fruit.
Italian Cream Cake
Italian Cream Cake
Old West Cookout
This is part of the set up for the old west cookout.
This is our homemade apple pie - a favorite among our guests.
Blackberry Cobbler
Homemade Blackberry Cobbler topped with ice cream is always a hit!
Dinner for Two
Pork Loin with Apricot Sauce made for two!
Pork Loin
Pork Loin topped with an apricot sauce is one of the favorite entrees.
Ceaser Salad
Caesar Salad
Strawberry Shortcake
Homemade Strawberry Shortcake
Eggs in Filo
This is a fancy twist on eggs, sometimes called morning egg blossoms.
Famous Salad
Begin dinner with one of our famous salads!
Pan Rolls
Homemade Pan Oat Rolls, smothered in butter, are always a huge favorite!
Italian Salad
An Italian Salad, with our homemade dressing, is another great way to begin dinner.
Breakfast Table
Our table is set up for breakfast which is served family style.
Breakfast Table
Family style breakfast
Four Chocolate Pudding
Homemade pudding with four different type of chocolate.
Chicken Puffs
Chicken salad sandwhiches on a homemade roll.
Fancy Tossed Salad
Tossed salad with either Homemade Ranch, Homemade French, or Homemade Italian Dressings
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