Hunter and Aubrey
Hunter and Aubrey all smiles after a quick 2nd morning hunt on Youth weekend. Hunter proudly caring out his bearded hen.
Hunter Abney
Hunter Abney Harvested this awesome bearded hen at 630 the second day of youth season. His Bearded hen weighed in at 12 lbs with a 7" beard.
Hunter and Aubrey
Hunter and Aubrey on the second morning of youth season with the TROPHY walk out.
Grace Huchingson
Grace Huchingson with guide Matt "Yankee" Brunet with Graces' first ever bird opening day of youth.
Grace, Claire, Kevin Huchingson
Youth weekend with the family Grace was joined opening morning by sister Claire and father Kevin Huchinson.
Grace and Claire Huchingson
Grace and Sister Claire huchingson with a Youth opening morning long beard. Grace made a tricky 20 yard shot on this bird at 1130 opening morning of youth. Her bird weighed in at 23 lbs with an 8 1\2 beard and 1" spurs.
Woodrow Harpole
Woody and his guide Matt "Yankee" Brunet with a quick 4th season tom.
Woodrow Harpole
Woodrow Harpole harvested this mature tom 20 minutes into his first morning hunt during the 4th season. Woodys turkey weighed in at 21lbs with 1" spurs and a 9" beard.
Aubrey Erwin's First Turkey
Youth hunter Aubrey Erwin made a great shot on his first turkey! This bird came in gobbling hard. The bird weighed in at 19lbs and had a 7 1/2" beard! Congratulations Aubrey!!
Aubrey Erwin - IL Youth Turkey Hunter
Aubrey wanted to be sure to carry his own turkey.
Aubrey Erwin - Youth Turkey Hunter
Aubrey is all smiles with his first turkey! Great job Aubrey!!
Richard Mudron
Richard Mudron Harvested his first bird on the first morning hunting during the third season. Richard harvested his bird at 730 weighing in at 22lbs, 9 5/8 beard, and 1 1/4 spurs.
Richard Mudron
Richard Mudron and his guide Brad Kelly with a Beauty of a first bird.
Ron Mozaleski
Ron Mozaleski and his guide Matt "Yankee" Brunet with there beautiful early morning bird.
Ron Mozaleski
Ron Mozaleski harvested this turkey on opening day of Illinois second turkey season. Ron mad a nice shot on this bird at four and half steps from the ground blind. It weighed in at 20lbs with a 10" paint brush of a beard and 1" spurs.
Jack Schwietert and Rodney Carlson
Jack Schwietert and Rodney Carlson telling stories with there opening morning bird on the porch of the snack shack
Rodney Carlson
Rodney Carlson and his guide Terry "Birdman" Abney on a quick opening morning bird.
Rodney Carlson
Rodney Carlson harvested his first bird early in the morning on opening day. Rodney shot his bird at 15 yards weighing in at 20lbs with a 9 3/4" beard with 1" spurs.
Jack Schwietert
Jack Schwietert and his guide Matt "Yankee" Brunet with and opening morning double bearded bird.
Jack Schwietert
Jack Schwietert with his first ever turkey on opening morning. Jack harvested this beautiful double bearded bird 10" and 4" at 6:50 in the morning at 40yrds. his bird weighed in at 21lbs with 1 1/8" spurs.
Steve Novak
Steve Novak and his guide Kris "Strick9" Strickland
Steve Novak
Steve Novak on his first ever turkey hunt havested this nasty thunderstorm bird wieghing in at 21lb 10" abd 1 1\8" spurs. After putting up with rain all morning Steve harvested this bird at 10 am with a clean 20yrd shot.
Richard Hester
Richard Hester with his Guide Allen "Ginger" Ballinger
Richard and Steve hester
Richard Hester with his Father Steve and guide Allen
Richard Hester
Richard Hester harvested his first ever turkey at a mere 7 steps. Richard harvested this bird on the third day of his hunt in a thunder storm with heavy rains. His bird weighed in at 22lbs 10 1/2" beard and 1 1/8" spurs
Davoud Khorzad
Davoud Khorzad and his guide Matt "Yankee" Brunet
Davoud Khorzad
Davoud Khorzad on his first day ever turkey hunting harvested this nice tom two hours into the hunt. Davoud harvested his bird with a nice 35 yard shot. His first turkey weighed in at 18lbs with a 10" beard and 1" spurs.
Tommy Filip
Tommy Filip with his Guide Kris "Strick9" Strickland.
Charlie Filip
Charlie Filip with his guide Terry "Birdman" Abney.
Tommy Filip
Tommy Filip closed the deal on his first ever turkey at 10yrds. His first bird was a beautiful 21 lber with a 9.5" beard and 1 1/2 " spurs. Congratulations Tommy!!
Charles Filip
Charlie Filip finally closed the deal on his first ever turkey. On his second trip to Heartland he was able to fill his tag with a nice 23lb 10" beard with a 1 1\8" spurs. Congratulations Charlie!!
Tommy and Charlie Filip
Brothers Tommy and Charlie Filip both harvested there first birds the same morning.
luis Fajardo
Luis Fajardo from Venezuela with his guide Kris "strick9" Strickland
Luis Fajardo
Luis Fajardo from Venezuela and his 21lb 9" beard with a 1 1/4" spurs. Luis harvested this bird on his first ever turkey hunt. Congratulations Luis!!
Carlos Puppio
Carlos Puppio from Venezuela harvested his first ever turkey with an early morning hunt. Carlos filled his tag with a nice mature gobbler weighing in at 18lbs with a 10" beard and 1 1\8 spurs. Congratulations Carlos!!
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