Jayme Johnson
Jayme Johnson and her amazing tom
Ron Rampersad
Ron with his first ever long beard and turkey hunt, with guide Matt
Ron Gocken
Dave Gocken and guide Terry with Dave's double bearded tom
Bob Koch
Bob Koch with his guide Yankee and Bob's Tom
Pretty good day in the woods
Jeff Moran with guide Matt, Frank Licata with guide Yankee, Brad Fischer with guide Casey (From Left to Right) all showing off thier awesome day in the woods
Frank Licata
Frank Licata with his long beard 23 lbs with a 9in beard
Brad Fischer
Brad Fischer with his 25 lb 10 in bearded tom
Ryan Morton with guide Kris and Ryan Humphreys with guide Terry (from left to right) both showing off their great days.
Arron Humphreys
Ryan Humphreys with guide Terry
Ryan Morton
Ryan Morton with his guide Kris
Bill Winkleman
Bill Winkleman with his tom
Don Oilver
Don Oilver with guide Shuan showing of Don's tom
Bob Tiberg
Bob Tiberg got this tom on his first day out, 20lbs and 9 3/4 inches
Dean Burham & Roger Anderson
Dean and Roger shot these two on the same day. 
Matt "Yankee" Burnet with his gobbler
Steve Wyman
Steve Wyman and his awesome long bearded turkey
Steve Wyman
Steve and his guide Matt showing off the long beard.
Bob Tiberg
Bob Tiberg and guide Kris with the eastern turkey Bob shot.
The Tippmann Boys
Father and son, Steve and Josh Tippmann, with Josh's turkey. 
Josh Tippmann
Josh Tippmann with his long bearded turkey.
Don Hensley
Don with his amazing turkey
Dale Budzon
Dale Budzon and he guide Casey
Dale Budzon
Dale and his 20 lbs 9 1/2 in bearded turkey!
Kurt Hammon
Kurt Hammon and son with the turkey that they hunted together.
Eastern Turkey
Eastern Turkey Struttin
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson and his nice eastern turkey
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