Conference & Retreats

Brinkman Plumbing Retreat
Brinkman Plumbing celebrating their 20th anniversary! Congratulations!! They enjoyed an old-fashioned dinner and a round of sporting clays.
Brinkman Plumbing
The group from the Brinkman Plumbing Retreat and Sporting Clays Event pose in front of the Prairie Ridge Cabin.
Prarrie Power
A Family Reunion group picture in taken in front of the horse corral.
Prarrie Power
The family is getting down and dirty, playing kickball in the horse corral. 
Prarrie Power
Good ol' family game of kickball being played in the horse corral!
Parrie Power
Going in for the kick!
Prarrie Power
Watching the rip roaring game of kickball!!
Prarrie Power
Family reunions are a great time for mingling with the family. 
Picnic Lunch
A group is taking time out for a picnic lunch near our sporting clays course.
KQHA ladies taking a break and enjoying the deck. 
KQHA going over some final details while relaxing on the deck.
Verizon Group
Verizon Group taking some time away from the office to enjoy a much needed paintball war. 
Learning and meeting time here at Heartland Lodge.
Between great food and fun activities outside, this is the best place to have a meeting.
Lunch time in-between meetings is served in the Dining Hall at Prairie Ridge.
Ducks Unlimited
Ducks Unlimited holding a meeting in our Conference Room at Prairie Ridge.
Illini Hospital
Illini Hospital having a meeting in the Great Room at the Original Lodge/Cabin.
Faith Presbyterian Church
Faith Presbyterian Church from Quincy, IL is enjoying a lunch while here on a retreat.
Faith Presbyterian Church
Faith Presbyterian Church from Quincy, IL enjoying a great home-cooked lunch.
Faith Presbyterian Church
Faith Presbyterian Church from Quincy, IL having a peaceful lunch in the Dining Hall.
Boy Scout Group
Guest Speaker T. Bubba speaking to the Boy Scout Group before they all go to shoot the sporting clay course. 
Boy Scout Shoot
Winner of the Boy Scout Shoot with T. Bubba, the guest speaker.
This is the Boardroom in the Original Lodge/Cabin and can seat up to sixteen.
Trane enjoying a old west cook out during a break from their meeting.
Conference Room
Our conference room is 1500 sq. ft. and can be converted into an event space. 
Boy Scout Group
Boy Scout Group shootin' some clays on our sporting clays course!!
Boy Scouts
The Boy Scouts are getting ready to do some sporting clays!
Boy Scouts
Boy Scouts sporting clay group.
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