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Hunting Late Spring Gobblers
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Hunting Late Spring Gobblers As much as it pains me to admit it, turkey season is nearly half over. Although I try to pack as much hunting as possible into the short spring season I always seem to fall just short of enough. Family, work, and the “honey- do list” all need their fair... Read the full story
So You Want to Fill Your Turkey Tag...
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So You Want to Fill Your Turkey Tag... Yesterday I found myself on my riding lawn mower for the first time ever in the month of March. As I rode around my yard in the nearly 80 degree weather my mind drifted into the future a few weeks. Although it already feels like turkey season outside, I... Read the full story
The Art of Shed Hunting
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The Art of Shed Hunting With the month of March and the end of winter around the corner I begin to get excited about the antlers that could be lying around my hunting areas. I can’t wait to begin the search for those treasures that we hunt for all fall, that are now just sittin... Read the full story
Antlerless Deer Season…What is right for you?
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Antlerless Deer Season…What is right for you? The topic of antlerless deer harvest is never without some controversy. Some people are adamantly opposed to the idea of any does being harvested and some would like as many killed as possible. Most deer hunters would fall somewhere in the middle of the... Read the full story
Late Season Whitetail...For the Dedicated Few
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Late Season Whitetails…For the Dedicated Few I have long been a fan of the late season pursuit of trophy whitetail bucks. As the snow and mercury falls the chances of putting your tag on a mature buck rises. Many whitetail hunters pack up their gear for the season after the rut is over. This is a... Read the full story
The Weather Man Lies to Hunters
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The Weather Man Lies to Hunters As I flipped the calendar in my office to November 2011, I began to prepare for my pending vacation. I spent much of my time abusing my internet privileges to study the weather forecast on every available weather site on my favorites list. That would be... Read the full story
The All Day Sit For Whitetails
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The All Day Sit If you want to grab the attention of any deer hunter in America all you need to do is start a sentence with, ”The best way to improve your odds of killing a big buck is ___________”. Mission accomplished; they are hanging on your every last word. Some... Read the full story
Best Laid Plans…..
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Best Laid Plans….. Follow me through this hypothetical scenario and see if any of this sounds familiar to you. During an early spring shed hunting trip you stumble upon an antler of a great buck right smack dab in the middle of your prime Illinois hunting spot. You show a... Read the full story
Lessons from October Whitetail Hunts of the Past
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Lessons from October's Past.... Lessons from October’s Past… As I sit here counting the hours to the start of bow season 2011 I find myself reflecting on the success and failures of my October hunts. Scrolling through my filing system of memories I reflect on some of the earliest h... Read the full story
Where Have All the Woodsmen Gone?
Where Have All the Woodsmen Gone? I happen to belong to a collective group of people known as Generation X. Maybe you have heard of us? We were the last generation of kids to graduate high school without the help of the internet, we never spent a day in detention due to texting, and we... Read the full story
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