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Plan Your Next Corporate Retreat Now!!
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Over the last few weeks, I have blogged about all the spring activities that you can enjoy at Heartland Lodge as well as planning your summer vacation. All of the activities mentioned in the blogs…and many more…are great for just about anyone wanting to e... Read the full story
Lessons from the 2014 Olympics
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Every two years my social life takes a two week break. I spend my evenings curled up under a blanket emotionally investing myself in the lives and pursuits of people I’ll likely never meet. I learn about other countries. I learn about sports I’ll never be... Read the full story
Confucius Says...
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Work is tough.  It’s draining.  It’s hard.  No matter what you do…I’m sure there are days when it gets to you.  Confucius wrote that if you “choose a job you love, you [will] never work a day in your life.” Ordinarily I wouldn’t be super comfortable openl... Read the full story
Into to Bitcoins - Online Currency
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Ever heard of a bitcoin?  Sounds weird doesn’t it?  Like the name of an indie rock band or maybe a cool new toy?  If you spend time online, you are eventually going to bump into bitcoins.  I know it keeps happening to me.  What are they?  Some sort of bug... Read the full story
Treat your Interns Right
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Years ago, after graduating from college, I accepted an internship in Springfield, Illinois.  At the time, I had no way of knowing what a formative and powerful experience that would be – how important it would be for my career and personal development.... Read the full story
Let your People Create
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I sit behind a computer.  Professionally.  In an average week, I probably spend about 60 hours behind a computer.  Now, that time is not wasted and my work is not without its fulfillment.  I really quite enjoy what I do and wouldn’t trade it, but every no... Read the full story
Yahoo to Puchase Tumblr - Is it enough?
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Have you heard?  Another millennial, techie genius, entrepreneur has struck it rich using that uniquely American combination of creativity, moxie, and persistence.  David Karp, age 26, never completed high school or college but he started learning HTML at... Read the full story
WiFi Enabled
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I've mentioned before how much conference attendees love their phones.  They love checking-in, posting photos, looking up places to eat...they love everything about their phones.  So, it isn't a surprise that the opposite is also true.  Attendees hate whe... Read the full story
Turn your First Time Attendees into Repeat Attendees
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Do you remember the first time you attended a conference or major professional event?  I do.  I was 16 and was nominated to attend a conference in the State Capital.  Only four kids from each high school were selected.  We would get to stay in a hotel, we... Read the full story
Google's Inactive Account Manager and your Digital Heir
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Google's Inactive Account Manager and your Digital Heir Google is involved in every part of our online lives.  We use Google as a search engine.  We use it for directions.  We use it for e-mail.  We use it is for blogging.  If you are reading this, odds are you use Google to get here.  Google has become such a... Read the full story
Fearless Employees are Better Employees
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Be fearless.  Be brave.  Be remarkable.  Read any cool tech magazine or visit a future-minded website and this is what you’ll hear.  I work in an office that receives a lot of publications and e-mails talking about things like company culture, passion, le... Read the full story
Pinterest Gets a Fresh New Face
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Pinterest Gets a Fresh New Face Are you a Pinterest fanatic?  What’s not to love?  The site offers visitors the opportunity to view beautiful photos of pretty much everything.  Looking for recipes?  Check out the “Food and Drink” feed.  Ideas for something to keep the kids entertained?... Read the full story
Telecommute vs. Tradition
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A lot of hay has been made over Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s recent decision to end the practice of allowing employees to work from home.  If you have watched television or picked up a paper, you no doubt saw a plethora of opinions on the subject.  Some are... Read the full story
Inspiration at Your Event
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Passion is important.  It sparks progress and drives change.  So often even those who genuinely love their careers can get lost in the minutia.  We think about the details – the next day’s meetings, our mountain of unopened e-mails, our computers freezing... Read the full story
Advertising Overload
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Do you watch television?  Listen to the radio?  How about use the internet?  Or go outside?  If you participate in any of these activities, than you are being inundated with ads.  When I wake up in the morning, the very first sound I hear is the advertisi... Read the full story
Minimizing your Technology Headache
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As a young-ish person with an iPhone and a rudimentary understanding of how computers work, I’m frequently called upon to manage technology needs for conferences and events.  Now, this isn’t as glamorous as it sounds (if it sounds glamorous at all).  It d... Read the full story
Give the People what They Want - Keeping your Conference Sucessful
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Have you ever attended a conference?  What did you notice?  The innovative menu cards?  The fun, interesting name badges?  How about all that totally exciting signage?   The simple truth of the matter is that most people just don’t notice these parts of t... Read the full story
Does Facebook Owe You $10?
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So, over the weekend my husband received an e-mail from Facebook.  That, in itself, is no surprise.  Like many around the world, we are now used to being barraged with e-mails from everyone’s favorite social media giant.  The body of the e-mail, however,... Read the full story
Tips for Public Speaking
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Year after year statistics tell us that we Americans are terrified of public speaking.  Indeed, more people fear public speaking than fear rattlesnakes or death.  Why?  What is it about standing up in front of our peers and presenting that sends us into a... Read the full story
Take a Hike - Add a Little Nature to Your Next Event
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Take a Hike - Add a Little Nature to Your Next Event Have you ever gone to a conference held in a hotel?  You know, two or three days where you sleep, eat, learn, and possibly dance…all under the same roof? If you travel for work, you have probably had one of these experiences.  If you staff conferences, yo... Read the full story
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