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Tech Update - Homeland Security Advises Users Disable Java
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On Thursday, January 10, 2012 the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team, a part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, cautioned computer users to disable Oracle’s Java 7 software on their machines.  They believe that hackers have found a... Read the full story
I "Like You" Like You
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There are a few products that I really love.  A particular brand of yogurt.  Seedless mini oranges.  Merino wool socks.  A fancy hairspray.  Crazy cool Japanese pajamas.  Like the song says …These are a few of my favorite things.  Years ag... Read the full story
Deck the Halls – The Office Holiday Party is Back
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Deck the Halls – The Office Holiday Party is Back I started at my first real grown-up job in 2008. Right in the heart of what we now refer to as “the Great Recession.”  I worked at a place that had, at one time, been legendary for its over-the-top, amazing office holiday parties.  Old timers loved to reg... Read the full story
Classwork and Conferences
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For many of us, our days of sitting in a classroom are behind us.  We all have fond memories of our favorite classes…the ones that taught us the lessons we still use today.  They likely had teachers or professors that truly cared about their subject, and... Read the full story
Green Your Conference or Event
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Green Your Conference or Event For many the idea of “going green” for a conference or meeting is just about as appealing as a root canal.  With so much to think abou Read the full story
Let’s Talk. Topic Tables to Facilitate Discussion.
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I consider myself a fairly social person.  I like meeting new people and making new friends.  However, when I go to a conference as an attendee, I’m just about the most uncomfortable person in the world.  There is something about that environment that lea... Read the full story
Pinterest for your Business! Give it a Try!
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Pinterest for your Business!  Give it a Try! Does your organization use Pinterest? If so, there are some recent changes you should defiantly consider.  If not, well…it’s time to start. Two weeks ago Pinterest announced some changes in their Terms of Service.  The most significant of these changes i... Read the full story
The Importance of a Good Meal
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The Importance of a Good Meal One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. -Virginia Woolf Food is a vital part of the human experience, and as such it is a vital part of the conference experience. Maybe it shouldn’t be. Maybe all of the emphasis shou... Read the full story
Connect to Millennials. Connect your Conference.
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A lot of hay has been made over millennial habits. As the single largest American generation since the Baby Boomers, Millennials (or Generation Y) are marked by increased familiarity with and use of digital technology and social media. A recent study of... Read the full story
Unconventional Team Building
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Unconventional Team Building Corporate teambuilding activities can sometimes leave a bad taste in people’s mouths, especially if those teambuilding events were accompanied by a plain, overcooked chicken breast served in a hotel meeting room. We have all been there – whether starting... Read the full story
Packing for your Next Trip
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When planning a trip, most people worry about reservations, weather, traffic, etc. Not my husband. He worries about packing. What will we need every day? What bags should we bring? Do I really need to bring all those shoes? At first his packing habits... Read the full story
Go with the Flow
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My job requires that I attend and staff several conferences every year. Some are small, intimate board meetings while others are large events with hundreds of attendees, several moving parts, and of course…technology. For the first two years of my wor... Read the full story
Treat Yourself: Tips for a Happy Conference Experience
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I find myself traveling for work pretty often. Whether attending an event/training/conference (exhausting) or staffing an event (even more exhausting), there can be something a little draining about working all day, going to sleep a few hundred feet away... Read the full story
Social Media for your Next Event
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Planning a conference can be grueling. From coordinating with speakers to taking registration; from staying in budget to staying on time; from sorting name badges to sorting travel arrangements – conferences take work and time. I think this is why so ma... Read the full story
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