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Wild Blackberries are at Their Peak!
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Wild Blackberries are at Their Peak! Well it’s that time of the year for picking wild blackberries! At Heartland Lodge we have many places to pick and harvest these flavorful blackberries as it is the right time of the year for them to be ripe. Many of our guests take advantage of the hundre... Read the full story
Lantern Festival: Art by Day, Magic by Night
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Lantern Festival:  Art by Day, Magic by Night All I can say is WOW!!! My mom and I spent a very enjoyable afternoon together last Friday – first by having lunch at Magpie’s, one of my favorite little restaurants in St. Charles, MO. We then headed down to the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis t... Read the full story
Harpole’s Heartland Lodge New Intern
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Harpole’s Heartland Lodge New Intern Hello my name is Aaron Pohl, I’m the new Intern at Harpole’s Heartland Lodge. I grew up in a small town in Michigan called Napoleon. Growing up I would spend my summers on the lake, every day and all day as my family were avid water skiers. If I wasn’t on... Read the full story
Hit the ATV Riding Trails This Summer!
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Hit the ATV Riding Trails This Summer! “Some Like It Easy…Some Like It Rough” is the new motto for ATV riders at Harpole’s Heartland Lodge. Now I have to be honest – in all the years that Dan and I have been going to the lodge, we have never ridden ATV’s. We always go horseback riding but we... Read the full story
Feeling Nostalgic? Check Out The Clark 54 Drive-In Theatre!
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Feeling Nostalgic?  Check Out The Clark 54 Drive-In Theatre! This past Friday night, Dan and I enjoyed something that neither of us had done since we were teenagers – we went to a drive-in movie! Now I know what most of you are thinking. “Where is there a drive-in movie around here?” or “I didn’t know there were... Read the full story
Taste A Bit of History with Home-Cooked Meals!!
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Taste of Bit of History with Home-Cooked Meals!! Here it is! The blog that you have all been waiting for -- the secrets behind the incredible home-cooked meals at Heartland Lodge! If you’ve already eaten at the lodge, then you know precisely what I am talking about. And if you have never been to the... Read the full story
Country Roads + Little Bit of History = Great Weekend Getaway!
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Country Roads + Little Bit of History = Great Weekend Getaway! Are you looking for a great little weekend getaway where you can explore the countryside while adding in a little bit of history? Well, look no further than Harpole’s Heartland Lodge, nestled in the countryside of Pike County, Illinois. Have I peaked yo... Read the full story
Hummingbird Migration Heads North to Illinois!
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Hummingbird Migration Heads North to Illinois! My little bluebird friend at Heartland Lodge told me just the other day that he was beginning to see hummingbirds around the hummingbird feeders at the lodge. Does this mean that the hummingbird migration has begun? Wanda has always had birds around her... Read the full story
Birds of Illinois in Pike County-Spring Report
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I used to hunt but now in my senior years, my greatest pleasure comes from birding activities. Birding comes with challenges similar to hunting in that one must know something about the life history of the birds in order to know when they will be present... Read the full story
Looking for that Treasure...Let's Go Antique Shopping!
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My mom and I just returned from a short trip to Branson, MO – where we were able to spend some great mother/daughter time together. I was hoping to swing by an antique mall there that we came across a few years ago, but when we drove into the parking lot... Read the full story
I’m Dreaming Of...The Warmth of A Bonfire!
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…and the sweet taste of s’mores…and peace…and quiet…and Jacuzzi tubs…and comfy beds. Oh how I wish I had a luxury suite booked at the lodge for the night! For the second day in a row, Dan and I have just returned home from working our weekend job wit... Read the full story
Nauvoo, Illinois - Experience Life as a Pioneer!
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You and your family have just spent some time at Harpole’s Heartland Lodge – relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet of the beautiful country setting – along with the incredible meals and comfy beds. You may have even taken some of the day trips that I... Read the full story
Morel Mushrooms Spring Early!
Morel Mushrooms Spring Early! Can you believe the mild winter we’ve had? This stretch of warmer weather has certainly caused many spring activities to arrive a few weeks early – and one of those just happens to be mushroom hunting. In west-central Illinois, where Harpole’s Heartland... Read the full story
Head West to Hannibal Missouri for a Great American Road Trip!
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Last week, my blog featured heading east from Harpole’s Heartland Lodge to Springfield, Illinois and touring many of the sites that told the history of Abraham Lincoln. This week, we’re headed northwest across the Mississippi River to Hannibal, Missouri... Read the full story
Saddle Up The Horses and Hit The Trails!
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Saddle Up The Horses and Hit The Trails! Spring has sprung and even though the calendar tells us that the first day of spring was March 21, the weather these past few weeks has indicated otherwise. What a mild winter! But with the warmer weather comes mowing the yard, weeding flowerbeds, and t... Read the full story
Abraham Lincoln Probably Didn't Stay Here...
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…but if YOU stay at Harpole’s Heartland Lodge, you can plan a great getaway for you and/or your family by adding some Abraham Lincoln history to your planned activities. Staying at the lodge places you only about 70 miles from Springfield, Illinois and t... Read the full story
C'mon, We're Going for a Hayride!
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Let’s face it – most people think of going on a hayride as an autumn activity, along with a roaring bonfire. But at Harpole’s Heartland Lodge, hayrides and bonfires aren’t just for fall – they’re available all year long (weather permitting, of course).... Read the full story
Enjoy a Scenic Day Trip While at the Lodge!
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Enjoy a Scenic Day Trip While at the Lodge! So you decided to book your getaway at Harpole’s Heartland Lodge. You’re taking in all the wonderful amenities available at the resort – the incredible dinner, the scenic hayride, the roaring bonfire with s’mores, and a good night’s sleep in the triple-s... Read the full story
Time To Curl Up With a Good Read!
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It’s Friday afternoon and as I sit at the computer writing this blog, the weather is just plain dreary. It’s overcast and the wind is howling {in our neck of the woods, it’s really howling!} So what would be better to do on a day like today than to curl... Read the full story
Eagle Watching – Be Right in the Heart of It!
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Eagle watching – just the mere mention of this pastime brings visions of this “white headed” bird with wings spread – soaring high above the open water, then swooping down to catch its prey. But did you know that, according to the Missouri Department of... Read the full story
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