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Hunting Around the Full Moon and The Pre-Rut
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Hunting Around the Full Moon and The Pre-Rut Hunting Around the Full Moon and the Pre-Rut Sneaking along a field edge my watch read 5:01 am yet the light protruding from the near full moon created no need for my Black Diamond Headlamp. Each... Read the full story
Social Scrape Networking for Whitetails
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Social Scrape Networking for Whitetails Social Scrape Networking The term social networking has never before been thought of in terms other than human interaction via the internet. Animals communicate in different ways and the communication between whitetail deer is a phenomena which ha... Read the full story
Late Season Whitetail Hunting - Look For Red Oaks
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Late Season Whitetail Hunting - Look For Red Oaks Immense trunks covered in tough armor like bark stretching upwards into powerful limbs, oak trees are a symbol of strength and dignity within the whitetail woods. While it is no secret acorns are a favorite delicacy among whitetail pallets, we also unde... Read the full story
Gripping a Bow. One small grip change to increase stability.
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Gripping a Bow. One small grip change to increase stability. Anyone archer knows even slightly flinching or tilting your bow can throw an arrow inches or feet off the desired target. While there will always be variability in archery, making a small adjustment to the way you grip your bow can increase stability.... Read the full story
Small Game with Archery Helps Prepare for Deer Season
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Small Game with Archery Helps Prepare for Deer Season With the sun slipping into the western horizon, the fragmented parts of its rays glared through the mature stand of oaks I was silently scanning. Perched on a decaying log sat a gray squirrel, tail softly twitching. My range finder read 21 yards and jud... Read the full story
Water Skirting- Using a deer’s pattern of skirting large water sources for the perfect ambush.
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Water Skirting- Using a deer’s pattern of skirting large water sources for the perfect ambush. The worst text message I woke up to last fall came from my dad. Big ten just slipped by at 26 yards, one limb in way. By far the best text message I woke up to last fall came from my little brother Ben. Around 7:30 am on the second to last day o... Read the full story
Tree Stand Preperation
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Stand Preperation As most of you are sitting in your comfy work chair, whether it’s actually at work or your home office, you may take a glance at the calendar and realize that there are 40 or less days till opening day of deer season and less than 10 for some of you luck... Read the full story
Dennis Dunn Tips for Barebow Shooting
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Dennis Dunn Tips for Barebow Shooting With an increasing number of individuals rediscovering the satisfaction of a self sufficient lifestyle, the number of archers continues to rise. Within the archery community itself, an interest in returning to the literal essence of the stick and the st... Read the full story
Training Your New Gun Dog
Tips on training your new gun dog No larger than a loaf of bread, both children and adults alike are captured under the spell of bringing a new puppy home. While many enjoy the playful antics of puppies such as, tug-of-war, jumping, and running away from you with a toy, many owners are... Read the full story
Turkey Season Kicks Off
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Turkey Season Kicks Off Here at the lodge we try to help people of all ages get into hunting as well as gun and bow safety. Of course some of our favorite times are working with the youth. The youth turkey season was on April 6th-7th and you could say it started with a... Read the full story
Hunting in Alaska
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Hunting in Alaska As I am flying in the Supper Cub from Tok Alaska into the wilderness of Alaska, I looked down below me and it was if I was traveling in a time capsule. Taking me back hundreds of years before tv’s, the internet and Facebook was created. Alaska calls its... Read the full story
Shed Hunting and Scouting
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Shed Hunting and Scouting It's February now and most states have come to the end of deer season or are closing within the next couple of weeks. Here in Pike Co. Illinois the season came to an end in mid- January with some real nice bucks making their way to the buck pole. But the... Read the full story
Turkey Hunters Last Chance Tags
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Turkey Hunters It’s time to start getting ready for the season. If you want to be an Illinois turkey hunter this spring now is the time to get your tags. Right now we are in the middle of the third lottery which ends February 11th. This c... Read the full story
2012 Deer Season Summary
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The 2012 deer season has, so far, been a season of ups and downs. Overall, the hunting has been average. Nothing special, but nothing terrible either. However, when we dissect the season week by week, we see that 2012 has been a wild rollercoaster ride... Read the full story
Opening Day of Illinois Gun Season
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Opening day of Illinois gun season here at Harpole’s Heartland Lodge in Pike County, our hunters arrived yesterday afternoon ready and excited for opening morning. Most of the afternoon yesterday, hunters were sighting in their guns and preparing for this... Read the full story
October Deer, Pheasant, Quail and Waterfowl Report
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The month of October has been an exciting yet busy one for the lodge. We have had many upland hunts this month which have been going really well and will continue at this pace for the next month. We have had many birds harvested this year as we have notic... Read the full story
2012 The Dry Run
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The barge ride to the island is slow and hot. Moving at five miles per hour doesn't generate much wind flow and I am beginning to feel like I'm riding a frying pan across the Mississippi River. Today we are hauling the pump and tractor, the 4-wheeler, a f... Read the full story
Getting Stand Locations Finished
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Getting stand locations finished.. As the Illinois whitetail deer hunting season is getting close and some states season open in a couple of days, it is time to make sure your stands are in and ready. By in and ready I don’t mean “yeah they are still in... Read the full story
Bringing Home the Gold
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Ok…. So maybe you aren’t an Olympic athlete, but you have to admit that seeing the U.S. Olympic team win medal after medal gets you pretty jacked up about athletics and the spirit of competition. As you sit in front of your TV set with your adrenaline pu... Read the full story
Creek Bottom Bucks
Creek Bottom Bucks We have all heard of river and creak bottom bucks. We’ve heard the “big” bucks like to hang out in these drainages. Or we often talk about deer crossing creeks in certain spots and setting up our ambush spot somewhere on either side of the creek. But what... Read the full story
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