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Scouting Illinois Whitetail in the Heat of the Summer
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Scouting Illinois Whitetail in the Heat of the Summer No rain and in the 90’s along with triple digits on the thermometer through the end of May, June and July makes it’s tough to get out there and scout whitetails. The best way I have found to scout deer during hot summer months, is from the inside a truc... Read the full story
Scouting Whitetails From a Bike
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Scouting Whitetails from a Bike The first thing you think of when scouting whitetails is not using a bike. I am not talking about a motorcycle but a bike that has peddles. Those who know me know that I like racing in triathlons and part of my training is riding the rolling hills of Pike... Read the full story
The 28 Gauge: Serious Gun or Toy?
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Let me say at the outset that for the most part I am no devotee of the 28 gauge. Most 28 gauge guns are far too light for serious shooting. The Benelli Legacy, for example, weighs a puny 4.9 pounds, and most other 28’s weigh about 5 ½ pounds. When you s... Read the full story
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Several years ago a U.S. maker of very fine bolt-action and single-shot rifles decided it wanted to get into the shotgun manufacturing business. The founder and president of the company was a devotee of light side-by-side game guns, with straight English... Read the full story
Brooke Miller Wins The National Championship!!
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Brooke Miller Wins The National Championship!! We took the whole family to the indoor national championships sponsored by the NFAA on March 31st & April 1st. This tournament brings in the best shooters throughout the entire United States and beyond. Brooke shot in the female CUB freestyle divisio... Read the full story
Venezuela Hunter Shoots His First Turkey
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Venezuela Hunter Shoots His First Turkey As the Illinois turkey season comes to a close, I start looking back on the memories made this season with the hunters at Heartland Lodge. An extremely warm and early spring was the last thing we wanted to see while gearing up for what we hope would be a... Read the full story
Turkey Season Ends with Good Signs for the Deer Season
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With one of the toughest turkey seasons coming to end its makes a guide smile knowing how many tags got filled throughout the spring turkey hunting season. With mid-march hitting temperature in the mid to high 80’s for almost two weeks everything was jump... Read the full story
My Nephew’s First SpringTurkey Hunt
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My Nephew’s First SpringTurkey Hunt I have four nephews, but one in particular has become obsessed with hunting. Aubrey who will be ten this year went on his first spring turkey hunt with me. He didn’t have his own turkey tag, but I had a landowner turkey permit and could hunt all of the... Read the full story
Youth Turkey Hunts for Spring Gobblers
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Two brothers harvest their first turkey on their youth turkey hunt at Heartland Lodge. Charlie (Age 13) and Tommy (Age 11) Filip both harvested their first turkeys on the same day! Illinois has a youth turkey season before the regular season starts, but t... Read the full story
Lovin' Every Minute of My Recent Hunting Season!
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I just wanted to take a minute to share with all of you how I have loved every minute of my recent hunting seasons. 2011 – 2012 has given me some of the best hunting experiences that I have ever had. Certainly, it has been another excellent whitetail seas... Read the full story
Let the Turkey Games Begin!
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Grab your shotguns, mouth calls, slates, and boxes, turkey seasons all over the country are getting underway! Some of you are already in full swing turkey mode, some are just getting started, and others, like the crew at Heartland, are working hard to pr... Read the full story
In-Between Hunting Seasons and Nothing to Do
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It’s not deer season, and in most states there is at least another month before turkey season starts. The weather is crappy and there’s nothing to do except flip through channels watching hunting shows you have already seen. Does this sound like the attit... Read the full story
Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show
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The annual Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show, held in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is the largest exposition of its kind. The Heartland Lodge crew had the pleasure of having a booth at the show all of last week. It was a long nine days with some busy times a... Read the full story
Brooke Miller Takes Second at the World Archery Festival in Las Vegas!!
Brooke Miller Takes Second at the World Archery Festival in Las Vegas!! Brooke Miller of North East Missouri took second place in the WORLD ARCHERY FESTIVAL in Las Vegas on February 9th through 12th. This is one of the most prestige archery tournaments in the world. Heartland Lodge is very proud of Brooke’s accomplishment! C... Read the full story
SCI International Convention
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We recently returned from the SCI show in Las Vegas. The Safari Club International Convention has been held in Reno, Nevada since we started attending the trade show but this year it was moved to Las Vegas. The SCI convention brings visitors and vendors i... Read the full story
What’s Happening at Heartland in February
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February is set to be a busy month for the Heartland crew. We’ll start the month off at SCI in Las Vegas. For those of you in the western part of the country, we’d love to see you there! We will be heading to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for the Eastern Sp... Read the full story
Going Out with a Bang: Late Season Doe Hunting
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Going Out with a Bang: Late Season Doe Hunting The 2011-2012 season is in the books. We had a great season here at Heartland Lodge, filled with memories that will last a lifetime. Late season doe reduction is always the final leg of our deer season. It’s a great time to enjoy the hunt without all t... Read the full story
Filling the Void from Whitetail Deer Hunting to Spring Turkey Hunting
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Whitetail deer seasons around the country are reaching their ends, and hunters everywhere are gearing up for spring turkey. Application deadlines are closing in quickly, but the turkey season is still a few months away. You’ve applied for your tag, booked... Read the full story
2012 Spring Turkey Last Chance
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With deer season coming to an end and turkey season applications going into random daily drawing its time to make a decision. If you are a beginner turkey hunter wanting to gain some knowledge on chasing these birds or an expert wanting to put another mon... Read the full story
2012 Deer Season availability
As the 2011 deer season is coming to an end in Illinois and in your state possible as well, the last thing you are probably thinking while you’re sitting in your chair on Sunday afternoon watching football, is booking a hunt for 2012. Well now is really t... Read the full story
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