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Clothing and Gun Selection for the Beginner
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Well here it is the start of the official fall season. Our thoughts are turning to getting out in the field and enjoying the beautiful weather and the chance to harvest a monster buck or to get involved with some water fowl or upland bird hunting. In m... Read the full story
What's Your Stand On Stands?
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WHAT’S YOUR STAND ON STANDS Hanging stands, climbing stands, ladder stands, homemade stands, shooting towers, ground blinds, or just an old bucket against a mighty oak? With so many options, what’s a hunter to do? This is the time of year we need to f... Read the full story
Allen's August Blog-Get Ready
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It’s August, the trail cameras are out, and the day we’ve all been dreaming about is less than two months away. It’s time to start preparing for the 2011 hunting season. The first step to getting ready for any hunt is to make sure all your legal documen... Read the full story
Hot Summer Whitetails
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It sure has been hot here in Illinois lately! I really enjoy watching whitetails during the summer. Just the other night I spent the evening driving around Harpole’s Heartland Lodge and the surrounding Pike County area spotting whitetails with my son. We... Read the full story
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I am ready to do some whitetail hunting here at Harpole’s Heartland Lodge! I took advantage of the holiday weekend to see how the deer herd was doing, and let me tell you, it’s doing very well. I spent a lot of time in the truck and on the 4 wheeler scout... Read the full story
It Show Time-Allen's July Blog
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Independence Day is almost here, and there is no better place to celebrate than Heartland Lodge. From atop P Ridge one can see three separate towns’ firework shows. Aside from celebrating freedom on the fourth, July will have our whitetail division on t... Read the full story
Allen's June Blog -Start Shooting Your Bow
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Summer time is here and it’s time for a little rest and relaxation. It’s also time to dust off those bow cases and start getting in shape for the coming deer season. We’re already seeing some promising antler growth here at Heartland Lodge, and the time... Read the full story
Allen's May Blog
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We have just entered the final stretch of what has thus far been a phenomenal turkey season here at Harpole’s Heartland Lodge. This season has been packed with memories as one of our hunters added another state to his list in a quest to tag a bird in all... Read the full story
Allen's April Blog
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Temperatures are rising, opening day of Major League Baseball is here, and there is only one thing missing to make spring official. No, it’s not the Easter Bunny, it’s SPRING TURKEY SEASON! Only eleven days (I’ve been counting them down) until we hit th... Read the full story
Spring Fever
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Spring Fever Since deer season ended time has been spent the last couple months shoveling snow and shed hunting to help pass the time. Now that the snow has left and the crisp cool morning silence is being broken up with the sounds of thunder chickens starting to do a... Read the full story
Interesting Facts of Quail and Pheasants
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Interestong Facts of Quail and Pheasants Interesting Facts of Quail and Pheasants Quail There are 22 different bobwhite quail subspecies in 38 states in the US and also in Mexico. The males of the species varies much more than the females. The purpose of the well know call, “Bob, Bob W... Read the full story
Seven Basic Habitats Quail Need
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Seven Basic Habitats Quail Need In today's blog I thought I would write agbout the basice habitats wild quail need. With declining quail populations it important to know some basics about quail habitiat. Terry Abney... Read the full story
Winter Upland Hunts
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Take advantage of some incredible upland hunting at a great price! Experience the same hunt as our fall hunts at a much lower price. The only difference is that our room space is in much higher demand in the fall with whitetail and waterfowl hunters. Ever... Read the full story
Deer Hunting Permits Still Available!!
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Deer Hunting Permits Still Available!! The Illinois DNR has released the number of Firearm/Muzzleloader tags for the 2010 season. These tags will be available Sept. 14 first come first serve. We have a very limited number of firearm spots left and they will not last long. You can call the offi... Read the full story
Fall Upland Promotion!!
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Fall Upland Promotion!! Greetings from all the staff at Harpole’s Heartland Lodge! Most of us have made it through the summer and are anxiously waiting for the coming of cooler fall weather and hunting season! Heartland Lodge is once again offering a Fall Upland Promotion... Read the full story
2010 Remaining Firearm and Muzzleloader Hunts!
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2010 Remaining Firearm and Muzzleloader Hunts! There is no better state to put a gun in your hands then Illinois and we still have a few remaining hunts left for the 2010 season. Do not hesitate to call if you would like one of these spots. 800-717-HUNT (4868) Dates: Arrive Dec. 1st, hunt Dec.... Read the full story
A Great Upland Season!
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A Great Upland Season! We finished up yet another great upland season! Mostly nice weather from September through April made hunting conditions ideal. We had all of our guides return again this year and many of our repeat clients hunted with us along with some new friends. The... Read the full story
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