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I sit behind a computer.  Professionally.  In an average week, I probably spend about 60 hours behind a computer.  Now, that time is not wasted and my work is not without its fulfillment.  I really quite enjoy what I do and wouldn’t trade it, but every now and again I enjoy creating things that can’t be stored on my C drive.  We always hear about how digitally connected the world is and how important it is to stay connected all of the time.  And, as much as I absolutely love social media and the manner in which it has brought us all together, sometimes I have to admit that it’s nice to work with something…tangible.  I don’t think I’m alone in this…Every week a non-profit in Springfield puts on a sort of arts and crafts night.  They have painting, sculpting, and other projects.  It is always packed full of people and it is always a great time.


The success of websites like Etsy and Pinterest demonstrate just how creative people can be.  Regular people who may never have received formal training or been commissioned to produce a great work have proven time and again just how artistic they can be.  I've seen everything from delicious recipes for every occasion to centerpieces that would make Martha Stewart drool...all from regular people who are simply enjoying themselves. 

Not many people can truly say that their day-to-day lives require them to be creative.  Sure, you have to coordinate, regulate, delegate...and a dozen other gate's.  But through all your problem solving in a given day, chances are you rarely have to be creative.  That being said, we've all had moments when the creative juices were flowing and we impressed everyone with what we created, even ourselves.  What if those moments happened more often? What if you could inspire your office to have them at work?  What could that do for your bottom line?

 From company retreats to training seminars to professional conferences, I've seen a plethora of activities intended to help employees increase productivity and innovation.  Some feel juvenile, some feel unnecessarily complicated, but they all run the risk of feeling forced if your staff isn't having fun.  Of course, the flip side of that coin is that, if everyone is having fun, the activities can be a great success.  It has been my experience that if your staff is really enjoying themselves, then a creative activity can help them think about their jobs differently.  It can inspire.  It can excite.  It can lead to more productive and energized employees.

Next time you are looking for a way to motivate your employees, consider offering them the opportunity to create something that cannot be saved to a hard drive.  Even if they aren't the most artistic individuals, they will likely enjoy taking a step back and thinking differently.  Harpole's Heartland Lodge offers the ideal setting for you and your employees to get back to nature and start creating.  Your imagination is the only limit to what we can offer in terms of team activities.  Call the lodge at 800-717-4868 to discuss how we can help your employees do something spectacular.

Nicole Palmisano


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