Wild Blackberries are at Their Peak!

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wild blackberries in illinoisWell it’s that time of the year for picking wild blackberries in Illinois! At Heartland Lodge we have many places to pick and harvest these flavorful blackberries as it is the right time of the year for them to be ripe. Many of our guests take advantage of the hundreds of acres that surround the lodge that are full of blackberries. The tradition of picking blackberries goes way back to Gary Harpole’s grandparents and great-grandparents. It was a family tradition to pick them fresh and make jams, jelly, cobbler and just enjoy them fresh, “two in the bucket and one in the mouth.” :)

Did you know blackberries are a healthy fruit high in fiber and vitamin C? There is only 62 calories in one cup full of these delicious blackberries. When picking blackberries it is key to only pick the ripe one’s which are almost black in color whereas the unripe blackberries will appear red and will not ripen once picked. If you are a serious blackberry picker you may freeze them once they have been picked for later use after a quick wash and thrown into a freezer bag.

Heartland Lodge has many great spots to pick these outstanding tasteful blackberries! The best time to pick them is from the start of July through August. But call us to see if they are getting ripe yet.  We look forward to you joining us during the “pickin peak” time of the summer! Just keep an eye on your blackberry bucket! ;)

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