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The Circus Wedding Came To Heartland
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The Circus Wedding Came To Heartland This past weekend the lodge was host to a beautiful vintage style wedding. The bride and groom were Paige Tharp and Brad Ruble. They place a big white tent behind the New Lodge and the ceremony chairs were placed beyond the tent. Inside the tent were... Read the full story
Next Stop...Quincy, Illinois!!
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Next Stop...Quincy, Illinois!! Next Stop…Quincy, Illinois!! When Gary left for his hunting trip, I thought I might have a couple of weeks to regroup. But oh no! He sends me a text last Sunday morning asking if I could write a blog while he was gone. After a couple of messages ba... Read the full story
2012 The Dry Run
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The barge ride to the island is slow and hot. Moving at five miles per hour doesn't generate much wind flow and I am beginning to feel like I'm riding a frying pan across the Mississippi River. Today we are hauling the pump and tractor, the 4-wheeler, a f... Read the full story
Plan Your 2013 Illinois Vacation Now!!
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Plan Your 2013 Illinois Vacation Now!! How early is too early to plan your vacation for 2013? I’m already thinking of my vacation to Florida with my mom in January & February so I would say that you could definitely start thinking about & planning your 2013 vacation NOW! But the all-importan... Read the full story
Annual Anniversary Trip Has Come and Gone!!!
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Annual Anniversary Trip Has Come and Gone!!! Another year has passed and Dan and I have just returned from our annual anniversary trip to Harpole’s Heartland Lodge – the lodge that we have visited every year since we got married 13 years ago. This year, our actual anniversary was on Tuesday so we a... Read the full story
Summer Internship Update
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Summer Internship Update It’s hard to believe that September is already here and that summer is coming to an end. It’s crazy to think about how quickly my internship is passing by and there is no doubt in my mind that the next three months will be as enjoyable as my first three h... Read the full story
Apple Harvest Season is Here!!!
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Apple Harvest Season is Here!!! As I sit here and write this, the rain from Hurricane Isaac is falling and has been for two days. As much as we desperately need the rain here in the Midwest, it’s really too little, too late to help the farmers and their crops. However, as I was drivin... Read the full story