Blog Results for March 2013

Horse Carriage Rides!
Horse Carriage Rides! Heartland Lodge is very excited to announce that we will be offering romantic horse carriage rides!! Starting April 1st through September 29th you can reserve your own private horse carriage ride or take advantage of one of our “free” carriage ride nights... Read the full story
Full Moon Farms Petting Zoo!!
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Full Moon Farms Petting Zoo!! Have you ever dreamt of owning your very own petting zoo? Well, Jason Clark (a.k.a. Cave Man) and Kris Mooney made that dream a reality about four years ago with the creation of Full Moon Farms Petting Zoo and Pony Rides. Their farm sits just off County... Read the full story
Spring Vacation in Springfield
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Spring Vacation in Springfield It’s March in Illinois, and you know what that means….unexpected snow? Days getting longer? The Chicago Blackhawks breaking the record for the best opening season in NHL history? All that is true.  But…that’s not all.  Springtime in Springfield means the... Read the full story
Unplug and Recharge
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Unplug and Recharge I was introduced to a totally new concept a couple of weeks ago.  March 2 marked the official National Day of Unplugging - a sort of digital detox for the technology dependent.  I have to say, I first reacted to this notion with a sort of aversion.  I lov... Read the full story
Spring Break - Not Just for Kids Anymore
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Spring Break - Not Just for Kids Anymore A week ago Central Illinois was on the receiving end of Snowmageddon.  With some areas receiving as much as 18 inches, the last thing on anyone’s mind was spring break.  Many of us were too busy digging out our driveways or scraping our windshields to giv... Read the full story
Inspiration at Your Event
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Passion is important.  It sparks progress and drives change.  So often even those who genuinely love their careers can get lost in the minutia.  We think about the details – the next day’s meetings, our mountain of unopened e-mails, our computers freezing... Read the full story
Telecommute vs. Tradition
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A lot of hay has been made over Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s recent decision to end the practice of allowing employees to work from home.  If you have watched television or picked up a paper, you no doubt saw a plethora of opinions on the subject.  Some are... Read the full story
Pinterest Gets a Fresh New Face
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Pinterest Gets a Fresh New Face Are you a Pinterest fanatic?  What’s not to love?  The site offers visitors the opportunity to view beautiful photos of pretty much everything.  Looking for recipes?  Check out the “Food and Drink” feed.  Ideas for something to keep the kids entertained?... Read the full story
Pheasant and Quail Hunting Homecoming
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Pheasant and Quail Hunting Homecoming HOMECOMING TO HARPOLE’S HEARTLAND LODGE Quincy, an elegant and stylish English pointer, came to a halt as suddenly as if he had run into a brick wall. His tail pointed straight up, and his whole body quivered as if 10,000 volts of electric... Read the full story