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Tree Stand Preperation
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Stand Preperation As most of you are sitting in your comfy work chair, whether it’s actually at work or your home office, you may take a glance at the calendar and realize that there are 40 or less days till opening day of deer season and less than 10 for some of you luck... Read the full story
Dennis Dunn Tips for Barebow Shooting
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Dennis Dunn Tips for Barebow Shooting With an increasing number of individuals rediscovering the satisfaction of a self sufficient lifestyle, the number of archers continues to rise. Within the archery community itself, an interest in returning to the literal essence of the stick and the st... Read the full story
Visit the Illinois State Fair
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It is that time again. Every year when the weather is warm and the kids are headed back to school…When the smells of fried food and great barbeque start to waft through the air.  Food.  Music.  Competition.  That can only mean that the Illinois State Fair... Read the full story
Into to Bitcoins - Online Currency
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Ever heard of a bitcoin?  Sounds weird doesn’t it?  Like the name of an indie rock band or maybe a cool new toy?  If you spend time online, you are eventually going to bump into bitcoins.  I know it keeps happening to me.  What are they?  Some sort of bug... Read the full story
The Season for Planting Fall Food Plots has Arrived...
The Season for Planting Fall Food Plots has Arrived.. Fall Planting Season has Arrived… Just a little over a month ago there were still fields that were being planted with corn and soybeans here in Southern Iowa. With such a late arrival of summer this year and lingering spring rains, local farmers and foo... Read the full story
Make the Most out of Your Summer Vacation
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I graduated from school many years ago.  The truth is my days of long, fun summer vacations are over.  Like many though, I still look forward to the summertime during the long, dark, cold days of winter…  Summer is freedom.  Summer is kids playing outside... Read the full story