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Wanda and everyone else made us feel like royalty! I really liked the smallness of the place. You concentrated on us, the guest, very, very well. Will definitely return someday.
- Don Andrews
We had a great time! The staff you have is outstanding! The food was excellent and the lodge is the cleanest place we have EVER stayed in.
- Dave & Karen Rottmann
We both enjoyed our stay and look forward to returning for more rest and relaxation.
- Adam & Amanda Fox
The whole experience was wonderful! We are hoping to return next year with our whole family! We especially want to thank Russ for making us feel so welcome on the horse ride. The ride was great - and the view was breathtaking!
- Doug & Kristi Shinn
This was my 1st time here, my husband has been there before. I thought it was great! It was way nicer than I expected. Everyone was so friendly, the lodge and grounds were well kept. Food was awesome! I think it would be a great family weekend trip for us and our friends. We will want to stay in the new building with the suites when it is completed. It was overall a great get away weekend!!! I, we, definitely plan to come back. Thanks a lot.
- Mark & Kim Freiburg
This was better than we ever imagined! The friendliness of the staff was wonderful!!! The meals and service were incredible!!! The overall rating of the services was outstanding!!! We appreciate all you did to make our anniversary special.
- Tim & Lori Becker
Whenever I stay somewhere, I expect that all the amenities will be in order and the staff is friendly. The Heartland Lodge exceeded my expectations and made us feel like we were at a home away from home. Keep up the excellent work!
- David Hurshman
The lodge is beautiful along with the surrounding land. Everyone on staff made our stay very enjoyable and it was very heartfelt of how concerned you were after being stung by bees. Thank you for a wonderful, relaxing time!!!
- Kevin & Deleta Hansmeyer
We had a wonderful time. The staff was excellent, and we enjoyed our stay immensely. We will tell all of our family and friends. Hopefully, in the near future, we will get enough people to rent the whole lodge! That would be great! Thanks for everything.
- Ben Andrews
Our stay brought my husband and I back to each other. We just needed some time for each other. We love Pike County and what better way for us to celebrate our anniversary. Celebrate our love for eachother, our marriage, and our love for nature. Your staff is great! The food was superb! The lodge is beautiful. Thank you again.
- John and Jeanne Keith
You all made us feel at ease and restful, which we needed! Food was delicious and we enjoyed our ventures with Russ on horseback.
- Gary & Jodi Lively
All guest relations were great and the employees very friendly. I love saying prayer at meal time. We try to keep that as a rule in our home as well.
- Carl & Stacy Bauer
I must say our main reason for going to your facility was because of the riding-who knew we would have such a great time - horses that you could tell were well cared for and healthy - trails that challenged us and a terrific - fun - considerate gentleman to lead the way! Russ is the best, he is entertaining and gracious. Thank you- to all of you. We will be back!
- Cheryl Logston
The entire staff exuded a genuine feeling of warmth and sincerity. I felt right at home. Will definitely rebook for the future.
- George Bosek
Staff was exceptionally friendly - I felt like I was visiting family. The place looked brand new, even though it was 9 years old. I really enjoyed the hayride and campfire and walking around in my slippers - just like being at home! I enjoyed my stay so much, I recommended visiting the place to all my family and friends when I came back home. I even pointed them to the website and showed them the literature and DVD you sent me.
- Anna Resor
Great meals, comfortable surroundings, pleasant staff, and so relaxing. We had a wonderful time. Thank you for making us feel so "at home." We brought our ATV's and loved all the mowed paths. We saw lots of beautiful deer. This place was perfect for us. Thank you.
- Doug and Janet Oliver
You were so gracious to open your whole lodge to us and give us the full treatment even though it was just the two of us! It's a true reflection of the faith and dedication of both owners and staff. My daughter Anna will never forget her 25th birthday!
- Kristine & Anna Resor
You have a beautiful lodge and farm and we are glad that we had the chance to share a little bit of it with you. God Bless all of you.
- Connie and Jim Ahlers
Cooks and rest of the staff were very friendly. Russ, your trail guide, was very pleasant and accomodating. Rooms were very orginal and everything was good quality. Bed and pillows were very comfortable - slept like a log.
- Stephanie Heinemann and Deb Lewis
Everyone is so kind and accomodating - we love it there. You never want to stop eating even though you are full! My son is a very picky eater and he loved your meals and ate like a horse! Russ Pankey, your trail guide, is the greatest guy! So personable and fun and accomodating to our needs. Please thank him again for us for a most wonderful time.
- Eden & Max DeGenova
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