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I booked my hunt with Heartland Lodge in July of 2014 for the last week of October 2015.  I must say I have never had to endure a wait this long or this exciting.  My wife says I'm unbearable to live with.  I have all of my gear packed and ready to go (except my bow, got to practice) and can't wait to get to Illinois for my first ever Mid-West hunt.  I guide whitetail hunts in South Texas and I'm really looking forward to being the one guided this time!! I promise to write about my experience with Gary and Heartland Lodge when my hunt is complete at the end of October.  Ahh the ANTICPATION is killing me!! Happy hunting and shoot straight!!

- Rick Myers-Beeville, TX

The experience was absolutely great!! While my son and I didn't shoot a deer, we had a great time.  We could have shot deer but chose to wait on a trophy. We can't wait to come back!!

- Eric Stratman-Quincy, IL

Every time I come it's harder to leave.  I feel like this place is my home away from home!  I always speak highly of this place and do my best to get the word around.  It means a lot to me that everyone on staff treats me as their friend.  The personal touch and getting to come hunt with my friends is what keeps me coming back

- Jim Palermo

Thank you so much for a wonderful stay (again).  Your staff is impeccable and like family.  Many thanks to Yankee for all he does for the guest. Many thanks to your incredible chefs, I now fear I will starve to death when I go home.

- Geoff Duncan, Decatur, IL

We didn't know what to expect when we arrived.  It didn't take long to realize that we had made an Excellent decision to come here!  Everything is wonderful: food, rooms and the staff is off the charts!!!  Our entire experience was so nice.  A return visit is for sure in our future!!

- Gil Hubbard, Sugar Grove, IL

Always love coming to Heartland.  The staff makes you feel like family.......Like coming home.

- Geoff Duncan

Another great trip.  Roger and I are looking to bring a couple more guys over next year.  Very relaxing trip.  Matt does a great job, treats us more like hunting buddies than clients.  Everything is greatly thought out at your place and I feel very comfortable with the hunt.  Thinking about coming back for a January hunt.  Thanks again,  Tim McGuire

- Tim McGuire, Fairbury, IL

This was our 2nd year to Heartland and it was everything we had hoped for.  Thanks again to our guide Allen.  He is extremely knowledgeable and accommodating in every way.  He is the absolute best guide I have ever used and I will return next year because he is the best.  Thanks also to Matt for accommodating our reservations and coordinating our total trip.  Matt and Allen are 2nd to none!

- Bill Morris, GA

Allen was a good guide and although I did not harvest a deer, his stand placement and choices was perfect.  I saw a number of great deer and deer activity and I will have to come back next year for another chance.

- Clay Fulks, TN
David Maxwell Jr, PA

Heartland Lodge is the best!  Food, people, and guide were the greatest! Chris is the best guide I ever had, he knows his stuff on whitetails. "Awesome Place"

Note: David and his son both took whitetails and created a memory that will last a lifetime!

- David Maxwell Jr, PA

One of the most fantastic hunting experiences I've ever had. This trip was a gift from my son, John, for Father's Day which made this an exceptional time for me as a Dad. Thanks to everyone at Harpole's for 1st class service all day, every day!

- Bill Morris, GA
Jeff Sposito, CA SITKA GEAR

Hunting is Hunting...I don't ever expect to see deer, it is just a bonus. However, this week I had deer all around me on every sit, simply awesome. My guide was very knowledgeable of his farm and had excellent stand setups. He took the time to explain the set ups and look over the farm map with myself and his other hunter. He did an excellent job processing and cleaning the animals after the kill. All around good hunt. Great farm and great guide. I'll have this buck on my wall for a lifetime. A true trophy. Thanks!

- Jeff Sposito, CA SITKA GEAR
John Morris

Mine and my father's experience at Heartland was fantastic. Everything from the lodging and staff to the guides and the hunts was great! We look forward to returning in 2012. Keep up the great work!!

- John Morris
James Peace

Just got back from a five day whitetail hunt. I cannot say enough about heartland lodge. The staff and guides were fantastic. Our guide Matt did everything in his power to make our hunt a success. My son bagged his biggest buck to date and I saw some huge bucks. Overall I had a blast. Book with Heartland and you will not regret it. The only bad thing is I now have to go on a diet because of all the unbelievable meals they make.

- James Peace

“This was amazing! What a great set up, the best that I have been to! Amazing people you have here working for you, along with the most amazing food! I hope to get the chance to come back, even though I didn’t harvest a whitetail this time.  It’s not always about the kill it’s what you take away from the hunt and the lifelong friends you make.  Thanks for the opportunity you gave me. This was a lifelong hunt that I will never forget. Thank you all so much! I Love this place!” Amy McCalister

- Amy McCalister
Kevin Keith, AR

I did a lot of research before selecting Heartland for our group. I thought it was very good, especially under the windy conditions we had.

- Kevin Keith, AR

I can't even put into words what a wonderful experience this has been.

- Kyle Rentmeester, Madison WI
Vincent McPhillips

Very much enjoyed our stay and feel like family. All staff are excellent and overall a great experience. We are attempting to recruit other family members and friends to come and experience the hospitality.

- Vincent McPhillips
Ron and Jennifer Way, AZ

Everyone was wonderful as usual! Staff is unbelievable, rooms comfy, food is excellent. We love coming here! Love talking with the guests.

- Ron and Jennifer Way, AZ
I felt like coming home to my Grandma's farm who passed away when I was 8. I loved going there as a kid and this has the same beautiful look and warm heart feel as when I was a kid ~ Thank you for providing that.
- Geoff Duncan, IL
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