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Very happy with lodge, staff and hunting experience. Great group of guides. Very happy with Blake, feel he went way out of his way to try and get me a whitetail.
- Rick W
Very nice accomidations, very friendly staff, I had a very good time.
- Brian Kean
Every night I went out, my guide Blake put me on a shooter buck. It takes some time to find that kind of stuff about them old wise bucks.
- Dalton Muntz
I just want to say THANK YOU and to Matt I'm glad I got to meet you and to say you'll always have a friend in me. You guys make people feel special and at home. Again THANK YOU very much. I'll never forget my stay at Heartland. PS. The food was WONDERFUL!! Keep in touch Matt.
- Greg D
I came, saw and slayed a mighty fine 130 class buck this year. Last year I missed a 140+, but I didn't miss this year. I have been coming for 4 years now. I am definitely coming back next year!!!
- Clark Thorne
Hey Gary I just wanted to Thank You and let you know you have a great place and staff. I have never felt more welcomed. I am thankful that I had the chance to experience hunting in the notorious Pike county, but to do it at a lodge like yours made it that much better. I couldn't believe the number of deer seen even in the 90 degree weather. I can't imagine having perfect weather conditions. This trip, even though unsuccessful, made my hunting season. To experience the deer, or a 170 inch deer, like I did will be a memory and tale for a lifetime. You have a top notch facility and I sure do miss the evening meals. I only talked to few of my buddies while I was up there and before I got home everyone knew that I had missed a monster. One of my friends heard that I killed a state record and just wasn't going to tell because I didn't want the publicity. Rumors travel fast. Anyways, we have been talking about a return trip next year. I had a great time and so did Janae. We made several friends not only with you and your staff but with some of the other guest. This was an awesome Honeymoon and a trip of a lifetime. Thanks once again. Have a great hunting season and keep in touch. May God bless you and your business.
- Matt Moore
Kris made this trip. He was awesome. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about hunting and I know he knows his stuff. Stand placement were great. I saw a ton of deer and 3 or more legal bukcs. Kris gave us plenty of options, as to where to sit, which made it feel like our input mattered. He also helped me find the biggest buck I've ever shot and was as happy for me as I was. Great Guy! Everything else about the stay was also top notch. You ALL are doing a Great job!
- Andy Trudell
Outstanding Experience, Mike was very knowledgable and at no time was I unsatisfied with my hunting location. Unbelievable the amount and quality of deer I saw
- Mike Ardrews
Five star accomodations, Five star food, and best of all Five STAR PEOPLE!
- Ed Nelson
Thanks for a Wonderful Time!
- Matt M.
Mike Anderson is one hell of a guide. With temps in the 90’s, I saw a lot of deer with many nice bucks. Mike put me on the spot numerous times and his overall knowledge of his profession really impressed me. He took the time to teach me different techniques and tips while hunting. I learned a lot from him this week. What I liked best about Mike was that I felt he treated me more like a best friend than just a hunter. My Father and I shot at 3 deer all together this week. (First week of October) Mike put us on the spot every day. I saw nice bucks, on ALL my hunts. I couldn’t ask for a better hunt or guide!!
- Robby Nash
I am coming back for my four time. Last year, I had a chance at a 140+ buck in between the two shot gun seasons. Dude (Mike) is the best. He moved and put up new stands for me. They will go to great lengths to put you on deer and bucks. I actually learned to hunt deer at Heartland Lodge. I love this place!
- Clark Thorne
When I was looking for a place to hunt, I researched everything I knew to research. I believe you have the best price and setup. My overall rating of Heartland is awesome. When I returned home from Heartland I began looking at the brochure wondering what and when my next hunt could be. I went as fas as watching the DVD in your brochure again for the 3rd time.
- Danny Davis
Heartland Lodge has a spirit of excellence that far exceeded my expectations. I would recommend anyone considering a guided hunt to book through Heartland Lodge. The professionalisum of the staff and the quaility of the hunt was excellent. I can't express enough of how well I was accommodated by my guide and how well he had done his job by putting me where the deer were! Keep up the good work!
- Larry Dodd
This place has been etched in my memory for ever. Talk about a top notch outfit that caters to your every need, this place is second to none! The Harpole's and there staff are extraordinary people who make you feel right at home. The guides are a great bunch of guys who are very knowledgeable and passionate about the sport. My guide Mike went out of his way to make sure that we had a great hunt. We booked a five day hunt it rained three of the days, Mike was out there in the pouring rain in 20 mph winds pulling stands and relocating them to afford us a better chance. As a result of all that effort Mike put the buck of my dreams under my tree and would now be on my wall if the does he was with didn't bust me drawing back my bow. Oh well better luck next time because there will be a next time at the Harpole's Heartland Lodge for me! Mrs. Wanda, Gary thank you for for allowing us to stay at your beautiful lodge and providing us with one of the most memorable experances we have ever had! God willing we will see all of you again. Thanks again Nick Komaridis
- Nick Komaridis
The lodge, guides and service were outstanding. Ended up taking a nice buck and saw many other good deer.
- Pete Bernet
The worst part about Heartland Lodge is having to come home and lose all the weight I gained while staying during my five day hunt. The second worst thing is having to leave Heartland Lodge to come home to lose the weight I gained. Seriously my hunt was very enjoyable and successful. "Burt" did his best to get me on deer and he was successful in doing so. I saw deer everyday even the morning of my last day with the thunder and lightning. I will return one day soon. My thanks to the entire staff. Ed Taylor
- Ed Taylor
Thanks to Dude and everyone else for making another memorable time at Heartland Lodge. Dude - You are the BEST guide I've ever had, way to get after and track those deer!! See everyone again next year, can't wait!!
- Fred Lehman
This place is awesome. The lodge, guides, food, and most of all the deer hunting is second to none. Scout us a big one fellas! See you soon.
- Lee Bush
This year will be my first visit to Heartland Lodge.My hunting buddies went last season and had a great trip.Counting the days!
- Larry Carbo Weaver,Alabama
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