Heartland Interviews Investors

Twenty-seven years ago, at the age of 25 I had a dream, to create an outdoor enthusiast resort and hunting lodge to help our community. My motto was:

“Colorado uses the mountains and Florida uses the beaches to attract tourism. We need to use the natural recourses God gave us to do the same.”

Heartland Interviews Investors Heartland Lodge has not only made the dream a reality, it has surpassed all my original expectations. It has become one of the top hunting lodges in the world along with a leading resort in the mid-west, bringing in over 20,000 tourists annually to our community.

Heartland is bigger than one person, including myself. To assure a very long future a diverse ownership is needed. Heartland Lodge is growing at such a rapid rate it’s time to take it to the next level. Heartland is in the second-inning of a nine-inning game, with a bright future ahead. A well-rounded ownership group will maximize Heartland’s full potential and longevity.

We have lost several important businesses in our community over the past decade without replacing them. When I turned 50, I realized I am not 25 anymore and made it my goal to start working on a 10-year plan so Heartland doesn’t become one of those businesses. After the recent unexpected passing of one of our guides, I realized I owed it to my Heartland Lodge family and the community to start the process now and not wait any longer. Being the sole owner is gambling with everyone’s future.

Bringing in new expertise will not only help secure Heartland’s future but will also help grow our business, provide a better experience for our guests, improve jobs for our Heartland family and become an even stronger pillar for the community.

Spring Break Escape for March My family’s deep tradition of enjoying the outdoors lives on through Heartland Lodge. Many individuals and families who stay at Heartland are now part of this tradition. I want to ensure their sons and daughters can continue coming with their own kids to carry on that strong heritage.

The future is extremely bright for Heartland Lodge. As I interview potential strategic investors, I will be keeping a very open mind. It is my goal/pledge to make it a priority to secure our future, so Heartland Lodge is around and prospering for many generations to come.

God has blessed not only myself, but Heartland Lodge and those who are part of the Heartland Lodge family. He has even bigger things in store for Heartland’s future.

Gary Harpole

Last Updated: January 29th, 2022

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