Brooke Miller Takes Second at the World Archery Festival in Las Vegas!!

Vegas Archery TournamentBrooke Miller of North East Missouri took second place in the WORLD ARCHERY FESTIVAL in Las Vegas on February 9th through 12th.  This is one of the most prestige archery tournaments in the world. Heartland Lodge is very proud of Brooke’s accomplishment! Congratulations Brooke!!

In Kevin Miller’s words (Brooke’s Dad):

“We got there Thursday evening.  Brooke shot some practice on Friday before her day 1 round at 4 p.m.  This was all held at the South Point Casino in Las Vegas.  Brooke was in 2nd place after day one, ahead of 3rd by 3 points.  The girl that won was incredible.  She had been shooting since she was 4.  Brooke has only been shooting for a year.  She also had twice as good of a bow than Brooke and has indoor and outdoor coaches.  Brooke just has me for a coach.  For what Brooke has for equipment, coaching and time she has been shooting, she did tremendous.

Brook Archery Shooting TournamentShe shot on Saturday at 7 in the morning.  She got up by 5 points over third, then had some trouble with a couple ends and went from 5 up to 5 down with 5 ends remaining.  She got back to within 2 points with the last end to go.  She shot a perfect end and the girl that was ahead of her for second at the time dropped 3 points.  She had not done that all day.  It was an amazing finish to witness “from our standpoint”.

Brooke had the time of her life and had an experience she will never forget.”

More information from Kevin:

My family and I live in rural northeast Missouri.  I have an 11 year old daughter who took up the sport of archery in March of last year as a 4-H project.

She has gone on to become extremely good for her age.  She shoots in what is called the CUB division (11 and under). The following is a list of the larger tournaments she has won:

1)  On September 17th of 2011, she won the Missouri 4-H state championship in Columbia, Missouri. That was against a field of 94 boys and girls. At that point, we were told to get her shooting on the indoor circuit by the state 4-H instructors.  The following is a list of non 4-H shoots she has won since then.  In these shoots, she only competes against other girls.

2)  On December 3rd & 4th of last year, she won the Presley’s Midwest Open in Peoria, Illinois “Illinois Open”.  She also had the highest amateur female score of the tournament.

3)  On December 18th of last year, she won the Missouri Bow Hunters NFAA State Indoor Championship.  Setting a new state record in her class.

4)  On January 7th & 8th of this year, she won the ISAA PRO-AM in Des Moines, Iowa “Iowa Open”.  She also had the highest amateur female score of the tournament.

5)  January 14th and 15th was the Kansas City Shoot-out in Kansas City.  She won her class and also had the high amateur women’s score.

6)  January 28th was the Missouri Archery Association indoor championships in Moberly, MO.   She won and set a new state record score for her division.


Levi MorganBrooke with Levi Morgan. Mathews Pro and considered one of the best shooters in the world.  

Last Updated: February 15th, 2012

3 thoughts on “Brooke Miller Takes Second at the World Archery Festival in Las Vegas!!

  1. I can’t tell what a pleasure it was to watch someone so young take such an interest in this sport and excel like she has. She is going to be a name to watch as she matures. I have no doubt that she will continue to make great strides within the sport that will also spill over into everyday life lessons! Watch out ladies!

    Mike Clary, Presley’s Midwest Open Tournament Staff

  2. I might add that at the Presley’s tournament, Brooke not only won the CUB Division, but she also tied for the highest score shot in the entire tournament in the FEMALE AMATEUR DIVISION and the OVERALL AMATEUR FEMALE CHAMPIONSHIP! For this accomplishment, Brooke won the coveted Customized Aurora Bowcase given out to the Overall Male and Female Champion for both Amateur and for Championship Divisions! This was Brooke’s first major archery tournament!
    Tom Dorigatti
    Tournament Chairperson
    Presley’s Midwest Open Archery Tournament

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