Brooke Miller Wins The National Championship!!

Brooke Miller National Archery Champion!We took the whole family from Missouri to the indoor national championships sponsored by the NFAA on March 31st & April 1st.  This tournament brings in the best shooters throughout the entire United States and beyond.

Brooke shot in the female CUB freestyle division which consists of ages up to 11.  She shot a maximum score of 300 on day 1 with a nearly perfect “bullseye count” of 59 out of 60 shots.  She again shot a maximum score of 300 on day 2 with 56 out of 60 shots hitting the bullseye. 

Her tournament total was a score of 600 with 115 bulleyes.  That score earned her the national title for her class.  A young lady from Texas was second with a total score of 599 and 97 bulleyes.  We were all very proud of Brooke as this was her personal high tournament score.   We have had many shooters from our area going to nationals for many years, Brooke’s win was the first title for anyone from our area that we were aware of.

Not overshadowing a national title, but another highlight for Brooke was the opportunity to shoot with the pro’s on the Friday night.  This is an event aimed at youth shooters to give them the opportunity to meet as well as shoot with some of the top professional shooters in the world.  Brooke was a little awestruck when meeting Erica Anschutz, considered by many to be one of the elite compound female archers in the world.  She was very nice while posing for pictures and signing autographs.   Brooke ended up shooting side by side with Erica during the shooting portion of the session.  That was something we will never forget.  I know I will never forget Brooke coming to me after shooting 3 ends and saying “I’m only down 1 bullseye”.

Brooke Miller and Erica AnshutzBrooke will be moving up to the youth division next year and is looking forward to the challenges that await.  That is setting just fine with her younger sister Payton who is 7 years old and is going to be shooting the full schedule of events next year.  Payton has gotten involved in archery shooting a good 3 years before Brooke did.  She might have a very bright future of her own in the sport.  She also competed at nationals in the same division as Brooke finishing 14th overall.  Considering every girl that shot in that division were ages 9-11, our little 7 year old did more than hold her own.

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Last Updated: June 5th, 2012

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