February 2012 Upland Hunting Bits and Pieces

Pheasant and Quail HuntThat time of the year has come when many folks think that the hunting season is over.  While this may be true for deer and waterfowl, it is not the case for Upland Bird Hunting at Heartland Lodge.  We had a busy fall and early winter season and our hunting season will continue through early April.  The weather, as most are aware, was and continues to be very mild and co-operative.  Now is a great time to consider coming to join us for an Upland Hunt at Heartland.  Terry, our Upland Manager has recently posted a blog about when, over the next 4-8 weeks, are some ideal times to come for a hunt as we have a number of large groups coming in that we will be liberating birds for.  Of course not all of the birds will be harvested, so after these large hunts is a perfect time to come and possibly have a really productive pheasant and quail hunt.  Check Terry’s blog out for the dates that he has outlined.

On another hunting note, I mentioned in several of my blogs that we need to pass our hunting heritage and right on to our young people.  I am happy to say that I had the privilege of taking a number of parents out with their children for some really great Upland Bird Hunts over the past 4 months.  You can’t believe how much all of us enjoyed these hunts.  All of the young folks were very safe hunters who became very proficient at the Upland Hunting process.  I think that each and every one of them enjoyed their time at the lodge with their parents to the fullest.  They all said they wanted to come back and do it again.  What a pleasure to see this bond building between parent and child, While many of the kids were in the early to later teen years, a lot of them were in the 25 to 35 year age group.  Just imagine how many memories were being built and how many conversations over the years will allude back to those bird hunts at Heartland. 

Many guests coming to the lodge to Upland Hunt would like to know some favorite ways to prepare and cook pheasants, quail and chukars.  I will be happy to share in future blogs some tried and true recipes that I believe you will enjoy.  By the same token if any of you would like to share a favorite recipe, just send it to me at roger@heartlandlodge.com and I will post it if you would like to share it with our other readers.

One last item, when you come to Heartland Lodge, we want your experience to be the best that it can be.  Our goal is to provide you, the Upland Bird hunter, with an outstanding experience not only in the field but throughout your stay with us.  We pride ourselves in giving you our utmost attention and making certain that you will have a great experience while you are with us at Heartland Lodge.  In addition, if you would like to bring your spouse along on a hunt as a walk along, photographer or just to share the hunt with you we are happy to have them along.

If I can help you by answering any questions about our Upland Bird hunting venue, find a quality bird dog for you, give you a tip on training your dog or book an upcoming hunt, by all means do not hesitate in contacting me by phone at 314-599-HUNT (4868) or at roger@heartlandlodge.com .

Roger Keller

Last Updated: February 8th, 2012

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