Filling the Void from Whitetail Deer Hunting to Spring Turkey Hunting

Whitetail deer seasons around the country are reaching their ends, and hunters everywhere are gearing up for spring turkey. Application deadlines are closing in quickly, but the turkey season is still a few months away. You’ve applied for your tag, booked your turkey hunt, but what else can you do aside from waiting? Many of us are lost in this in between time. Sure you can watch hunting shows on TV and reminisce about the one that got away, or the one that didn’t, but why do you have to stop hunting? You don’t! Predator hunts are a fun way to stay in the woods, and can greatly benefit a deer and turkey management program. Here at Heartland, our hunting staff loves to hunt coyotes. In Illinois, as with many other places, coyotes are considered a nuisance making them fair game 365 days a year. The ammunition used to take them is cheap, and they can be found virtually anywhere. If you find the right set up, you will enjoy an action packed hunt. Aside from the benefits to your deer and turkey population of reducing your predator count, another great reason to hunt coyotes this time of year between deer and turkey season is that it’s the best time to get them with full, thick coats. We’ve all seen mangy coyotes missing most or all of their hair in the summer time, but in the cold weather months, mange and parasites aren’t a problem. A coyote can make a beautiful mount, and a great trophy. Check your local game laws, grab your gear, and get outside. You’re sure to have a great time!

Allen Ballinger

Last Updated: January 11th, 2012

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