Getting Stand Locations Finished

Getting stand locations finished..

As the Illinois whitetail deer hunting season is getting close and some state’s season opens in a couple of days, it is time to make sure your stands are in and ready.  By in and ready I don’t mean “yeah they are still in the same tree as last year so they should be fine”.  Shooting lanes need to be checked before hunting opening morning in the stand.

If you are the kind of person that leaves his stand in year in the tree each year, be sure you make a couple of trips to the stand before season starts. The first reason you need to make a trip in before opening day is to make sure your stand is still there. Storms and thieves claim a good number of stands each year. The second reason is to check the safety of your stand. Whether it’s a lock-on, ladder stand, or box blind you need to check all your straps, pegs, and bolts to make sure your stand is safe. An opening day fall is never good. The third thing that needs to be checked is your shooting lanes. We are all getting older and holding a bow steady enough to tuck an arrow through that hole at 30 yards is getting a lot tougher.  By taking 15 extra minutes before the season starts to trim decent shooting lanes could help put that buck of a lifetime on your wall.

For all of you that pull your stands every year or have new property to hunt that needs stands put up, you need to make sure you follow the same three steps as above, with a few added points.  When hanging a new set make sure you check the tree to make sure it’s not dead or have any rotten branches that could come down on you in the wind. When trimming shooting lanes don’t be afraid to take out a few extra branches, especially early in the year.  When hanging stands early there will be regrowth that fills in your lanes before you get back to them.  One of the most important things to figure out when hanging a stand is your entrance and exit from you truck. Making sure you can get in and out of a stand without bumping deer in the process.

When hanging, checking and hunting from your stands, please make sure you wear safety gear. Climbing ropes and safety harnesses save lives and can help you make it back into the stand another day. Good luck to everyone this fall and be safe.

Matt Brunet

Last Updated: August 30th, 2012

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