In-Between Hunting Seasons and Nothing to Do

It’s not deer season, and in most states there is at least another month before turkey season starts. The weather is crappy and there’s nothing to do except flip through channels watching hunting shows you have already seen. Does this sound like the attitude you and your buddies have this time of year?

This time of the year there is more to do than when hunting season is in. One way to help pass the time and stay in shape is shed hunting. Shed hunters usually put at least a couple miles on a day keeping you in better shape than sitting in that chair. Plus it helps you learn what that deer that got away is doing. It’s always rewarding to find an antler on the ground. Whether it was one you were hunting or one you’re going to start hunting it’ll put a smile on your face when you find it.

Also depending on how much that trigger finger is itching it may be time to start a new hobby, predator hunting. Most state’s coyote season go to mid March and some run year round. (Please check state laws before going.) Coyote hunting done right is a lot of fun and gets the blood flowing just like a nice buck coming into range.  It’s just another way to get out of the house and cure that trigger finger.

It’s not all about hunting though. It’s almost time for some spring crappie fishing and other pan fish. Its time to get those poles untangled from when you threw them out of the boat and into the garage before duck season. Also take the time to re-line them and go through you tackle box to throw out the dried worms that have been in there since last July. Take this time of the year to do an inventory on all fishing and hunting gear that needs to be replaced.

This maybe the last thing that you want to do but is probably the most important thing that you can do this time of the year, The Honey Do list. Yeah nobody likes to do it and it seems like the more things you do on it the longer it gets. However, this is the time to get ahead of the game and earn bonus points. When the honey do list is done, ok shorter because lets face it, it’s never done you get to go out and “play” more. There are no excuses to be sitting around and doing nothing anymore so have some fun but remember be safe.

Matt Brunet

Last Updated: March 2nd, 2012

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