Opening Week Pike County Illinois Whitetail Hunting

We had a great opening week here in Pike County, Illinois deer hunting last season. Opening day was met with cool temperatures and high pressure, the hunters in camp experienced great deer movement during both morning and evening hunts. We had several opportunities at bucks, one in the morning believed to be a 170″+, the buck just needed to take two more steps into a shooting lane, instead it walked straight away from the hunter never presenting a clear shot.

On our evening hunts that followed we had a few shooters just outside of range, with one of our hunters passing a solid 138″-142″ eight pointer, waiting for a bigger 10 to come in range that came in with the eight. Yet the bigger buck skirted the hunters stand just out of bow range. We had another possible booner buck that walked within 35 yards of one of our hunters but was unable to get a clear shot off. The hunter said it was the biggest buck he had ever seen!

Opening day was a stellar day for us, but as the pressure dropped, temperatures rose, and at times heavy rainfall occurred, deer movement slowed down the following few days. On the fourth morning hunt, after a day and a half of off and on rain, Hunter Crimm had a shot at a mature buck. He felt that he made a good shot on the buck and didn’t believe he’d go far. Not long after the shot it rained fairly hard. Hunter’s guide, Matt decided to give the buck a few hours just to make sure they didn’t bump the deer. Later that afternoon, they returned to find the buck lay within 100 yards of the stand. The dark horned buck ended up scoring just over 140 inches.Pike county illinois outfitters

-Zach Jumps

Last Updated: September 7th, 2018

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  1. I had a wonderful time at Harpoles lodge! Took a great deer and made some new friends. Food was awesome as well. Very good time all around!! The guides there work hard to put you on deer! I recommend you listen to what they say and believe they put you where they put you for a reason!! Paid off for me. Can’t wait to go back!! Thanks

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