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It’s a feeling that no hunter wants to have but anyone that has hunted for any period of time has had that sickening feeling in the stomach. With no deer at the end of a blood trail and after hours of searching timber you have nothing to show for it but

Now that the hunting season has come to an end, don’t think you have to put away your guns until fall. You can keep aiming high by trying our Sporting Clay Course during the summer months. Harpole’s Heartland Lodge offers a great Sporting Clay course that

Summer time is here and it’s time for a little rest and relaxation. It’s also time to dust off those bow cases and start getting in shape for the coming deer season. We’re already seeing some promising antler growth here at Heartland Lodge, and the time

As the turkey season comes to an end we need to take time and think about the memories made. I would like to congratulate all of the hunters who harvested birds with us this year and thank you for allowing myself and heartland lodge to be part of those me

Allen’s April Blog

March 31st, 2011

Temperatures are rising, opening day of Major League Baseball is here, and there is only one thing missing to make spring official. No, it’s not the Easter Bunny, it’s SPRING TURKEY SEASON! Only eleven days (I’ve been counting them down) until we hit th

As our upland season is drawing to an end, I want to take time to thank everyone for your support in making this a successful year. I have enjoyed the opportunity to meet new friends, and see old ones whether I have guided or visited with you during your

Since deer season ended time has been spent the last couple months shoveling snow and shed hunting to help pass the time. Now that the snow has left and the crisp cool morning silence is being broken up with the sounds of thunder chickens starting to do a

In today’s blog I thought I would write agbout the basice habitats wild quail need. With declining quail populations it important to know some basics about quail habitiat. Terry Abney

Interesting Facts of Quail and Pheasants

There are 22 different bobwhite quail subspecies in 38 states in the US and also in Mexico. The males of the species varies much more than the females.

The purpose of the well know call, “Bob, Bob W

Winter Upland Hunts

February 26th, 2011

Take advantage of some incredible upland hunting at a great price! Experience the same hunt as our fall hunts at a much lower price. The only difference is that our room space is in much higher demand in the fall with whitetail and waterfowl hunters. Ever