Thank You For a Great Season!

Terry AbneyAs our upland season is drawing to an end, I want to take time to thank everyone for your support in making this a successful year.  I have enjoyed the opportunity to meet new friends, and see old ones whether I have guided or visited with you during your stay.  We have had a wonderful season and are working to make next year even better.  We are just getting started on our habitat projects by burning off sections of our warm season prairie grasses, light disking of set aside ground to replenish grasses and forbs, and building brush piles to enhance escape cover to protect our native birds from predators. I am always open to ideas, if you have any suggestions on how to make our upland operation even better, please feel free to let me know!  My goal is to give you the best experience possible!!

I look forward to seeing you again this fall!


Terry Abney       

Business Phone: 217-734-2526   

Cell Phone: 573-248-4920

Last Updated: March 31st, 2011

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