Upland Food Plots and Prairie Grasses

Thinking I would get a head start on food plots this year I worked the ground in mid May. I think as soon as I got the food plots worked it was a sign for Mother Nature to take over and rain, rain, rain.

At the beginning of June things were still wet. This slowed down the planting of our food plots. This allowed me to get back to an ongoing project of mine, the eradication of weeds, in our prairie grasses. This is an endless battle but we keep working on it every year. This year, however, I’m trying to take a big bite out of it and get most of the Lodge Farm done. Once it finally quit raining and dried out my coworkers and I were able to get in the fields to plant and spray food plots.

July was upon us and the food plots were growing. Things at the Borrowman Farm are looking good. The milo is growing and we are seeing young birds all over the place. After all the food plot changes we did on the farm last year I decided we needed at least two more. We added a new plot that has silage sorghum on the terrace hoping to use it as a blocker so we don’t push the birds down the hill. We also planted two food plots, as you drive into the south side of the farm, in silage sorghum hoping to stop birds from flying all the way out of the field into the neighbors pine thicket.

On the Kelly farm we added five new food plots. Two plots are in the bottom when you first pull into the field and one is halfway up the side of the hill in between the two original food plots. Then we went to the east field and added two food plots, one on each side of the terrace that runs east and west in the field. This will make more cover and food for the upland birds while trying to keep them on the farm. We also cleaned up the scrap metal around the farm, and the tin and wire that was in the main ditches. The old disk that I was afraid of the dogs running into all the time has been removed.   

Hopefully the changes that we have made will make your hunts more enjoyable and successful.  We’ll have to see how these changes work so I will know where to go from here next year.  If anyone has any ideas or comments please feel free to email or call me.  I’m always open to suggestions.


Terry Abney



Last Updated: July 29th, 2011

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