Shed Hunters

As the deer season is coming to an end we are starting to notice more and more big bucks missing sides. If you are one of those enthusiast that walks miles and miles through the woods looking for a deer horn don’t worry you will fit right in here. Heartland Lodge is more then happy to let you walk some of the famous Pike County and Calhoun County ground looking for some of these monster sheds. More on our Shed Antler Hunting>>

Shed hunting season looks to be an early one this year with some big sheds already being found. The shed season is looking to be in full swing by the end of January beginning of February. If you are interested in looking for some big sheds or just want to help us scout some of the properties for your hunt this fall, please contact me and let’s get your shed hunting trip booked.


Last Updated: January 7th, 2012

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  1. Hello we are booking rooms tomorrow we will be there march 21 to the 25 going to be doing some shed hunting!! Is this going to be to late? are all of them going to be picked up since they are already sheding out? let me know plz my dad is going to be flying down from northern MN and im comming from green bay wi. my email is

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