Summertime Scouting Update

If you’re like me and you’re not too fond of this summer heat.. your mind starts to wonder to the frost ridden mornings of November. You count the days and weeks left until the bow opener and you start coming up with a game plan for the upcoming season. Maybe you already have a buck from last season that’s on your hit list or you’re on the hunt for this year’s target.

Here at Heartland, we’re setting up trail cameras, mowing food plots, and clearing shooting lanes. So far, this July has been very hot and humid with many days of full sunshine. We’ve had a couple good rain showers to keep the crops and food plots in good condition.

The deer are hitting the soybeans and alfalfa fields hard right now. We had an early, wet spring and the bucks are filling out nicely. We’ve already spotted some really nice bucks this year while glassing around some of our properties. The forecast is showing more of the same hot humid weather for the next couple weeks. We’ll be focusing our trail cameras on water sources and high quality summer forages. To check out the latest scouting photos and trail camera pictures click here >>.  For more information on our fall whitetail hunts click here>>

-Zach Jumps

Last Updated: July 17th, 2017

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  1. I love hunting love the outdoors I love the trophy the pounding heart throb and I like deer I would love to be able to come go hunting.i grew up going to the woods hunting with my real dad .i am Bonecollecters foster sister but no family discounts or hunting but I go to places with freind’s to hunt.Love the pictures of the deer

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