Turkey Season Ends with Good Signs for the Deer Season

With one of the toughest turkey seasons coming to end its makes a guide smile knowing how many tags got filled throughout the spring turkey hunting season. With mid-March hitting temperature in the mid to high 80’s for almost two weeks everything was jumped into fast forward mode for our turkey season. With hens already on nest and 5th season foliage on the trees 1st season, we all new it was going to be a tough season. With the professional guide staff and hours of scouting before and during season, we filled a good number of turkey tags for most or our hunters. I would like to thank everyone one that hunted with us this turkey season and congratulate all of the hunters that took home turkeys.

While spending almost a month solid chasing turkeys all of us here at Heartland lodge started to get excited for the upcoming deer and upland seasons in October. With the mid-March heat that we had everything greened up almost a month earlier than usual.  The fresh foliage and greens look like they are giving the whitetails a jump start on antler growth. We have seen many good bucks branching out with brow tines and G2’s already. For all you deer hunters that have booked with us or for those of you that haven’t, it’s looking to be another great monster buck year at Heartland Lodge! I am already counting down the days!

Matt Brunet

Last Updated: May 11th, 2012

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