Upland Bird Hunting at Heartland Lodge

Here it is the middle of July; temperatures are in the 90’s and 100’s over much of the country.  Most folks are not thinking about a crisp fall day out in the field hunting pheasants and quail behind really great bird dogs.  I think about this year round as it is a passion with me.  I have been a bird hunter for over 50 years and have always enjoyed it to the fullest.  Even though it may be cold and wet occasionally, those days are soon forgotten as we go to the fields on those really beautiful sunny days with a light frost burning off and a gentle breeze coming out of the West predicting a wonderful day afield. 

At Heartland Lodge our properties for Upland Bird hunting are a pleasure to hunt over.  Gently rolling to flat terrain make for ideal walking and shooting conditions.  Creek bottoms, weedy areas, and small areas of hardwoods make for excellent places that birds like to move in and out of.  Our crop strips hold birds consistently and all of these features lead to a truly wonderful hunting opportunity and experience. 

This coming season will mark my 5th year working with Heartland as an Upland Bird Guide.  I can’t imagine a better job at a better lodge.  I have guided a number of you over these past years and have always enjoyed being with each and every one of you.  There is nothing like a great hunt with guests that enjoy the out of doors and the thrill of the hunt and all that it encompasses.  I am really looking forward to this coming season.  If you would like to book a hunt with me please give me a call so that I can make the necessary arrangements.  Looking forward to seeing and being with you for the best in bird hunting. 

Roger Keller and crew (Emma, Dottie and Quincy)

314-599-HUNT (4868)

Last Updated: July 14th, 2011

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