A 130″ October 10pt

October 27th, 2011

Rich Peace took this nice whitetail on October 26th. It was one of those overcast, cool days that you just felt like something was going to happen. It was Rich’s first trip to Heartland Lodge. Congratulations Rich!!

In his own words…

“This year my dad and I decided to come to Pike County and try our luck at an Illinois whitetail.  We booked a hunt the last week of October with The Heartland Lodge and we couldn’t wait to get here.  As we arrived, so did the unseasonable warm weather.  The first day in Illinois brought highs in the upper 70’s and nearly 25 mph winds.  Needless to say, deer movement had been a little bit slow thus far, but some of the other hunters in camp had seen a few good bucks on their feet, so our hopes were high for the 2nd evening hunt.”  Read more about Rich’s hunt on his blog post.


Rich Peace October Whitetail

Rich Peace October Whitetail

Rich Peace with his guide Matt “Yankee” Brunet

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