2023 Illinois Whitetail Hunts

Illinois Guided Archery Hunts in Pike County Now is the time to book for the 2022 season! Most of our prime spots sell out quickly, give me a call at 217-982-4039 or E-mail today for more information! I look forward to talking with you!

  • Call or E-mail Zach@HeartlandLodge.comToday for 2023 Dates and Pricing
2022 Archery Dates Available:
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6 Night, 5 Day Dec. & Jan. Hunt$2,250
4 Night, 3 Day Dec. & Jan. Hunt$1,750
4 Night, 3 Day Dec. & Jan. Doe Reduction Hunt$1,250
Fall Turkey Hunt Option (More Info Here)$250
2024 Firearm Dates Available:
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November 22nd-24th (Shotgun, Rifle or Muzzleloader) 3 Days of Hunting$5,550
December 5th-8th (Shotgun, Rifle or Muzzleloader) 4 Days of Hunting Click Here For More Info.$4,150
December 13th-15th (Muzzleloader Only) 3 Days of Hunting Click Here For More Info.$3,150
7 night, 6 Day Dec. Archery/Muzzleloader Combo Hunt Dec. 10th- 15th$4,900
**includes guides, meals, accommodations & game cleaning

Click Here For More Info. on Legal Rifles

Call (217-982-4039) or E-Mail me today at Zach@HeartlandLodge.com for last minute whitetail cancellation hunt spots available and special pricing!

I hope to see you at the lodge this season!
-Zach Jumps

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Call or E-mail me today for more information on our whitetail hunts.
-Zach Jumps

217-982-4039 or Zach@HeartlandLodge.com


Last Updated: August 17th, 2020

87 thoughts on “2023 Illinois Whitetail Hunts

  1. I was just wondering if there is any way I could have some sort of a payment plan for the October 21st to 27th 7 night 6 day hunt for 3,180,
    Ben trying to get a hold of a guide to possibly work with.
    Thanks Mike Adrian

  2. Hi Michael,
    Thanks for your interest in hunting with us this season. We’ll send you an email regarding a hunt payment plan.
    Thank you!

  3. Good afternoon guys,

    I just returned from a disappointing muzzle loader hunt in Kansas. Wasn’t at all what it was cracked up to be. I have heard very good things about your hunts and I am heading for a visit with my relatives in Wisconsin around the 3rd week of October and was wondering if you still had openings. I would be interested in hunting with my bow. Also, I will have my better half along but she does not hunt except with rifle. Wondering if it’s possible for her to hang out at the lodge while I chase bucks. Thanks.

    1. Good afternoon Doug,

      Sorry to hear about your hunt. Sure, we will email you or you are welcome to give us a call 217-734-2526 Thanks!

  4. Hello, my fiancé and I are looking for a honeymoon hunt. Would you mind emailing me prices and more info. Our wedding date is September 25 2020. We both love to bow hunt.

    1. Congratulations Christian!! We have a great honeymoon hunting package I’m sure you two would enjoy!

  5. Hello, My wife/Christina & I/Mike Crabbe spent our 17th year Anniversary/Honey Moon, because we never had one, at HeartLand Lodge & had the whole Sunset Valley Lodge all to ourselves which was amazing. Ok I got a little of track there but my question is… are these prices Pre-Rut Promotional Hunt Pricing
    October 21th-24th, 5 Night/ 4 Day Hunt- Regular $2,920 Promo Price- $1,920 ($1,000 off!) the price I would pay or is there taxes or other fees that would be added to the $1920? Thank you for your time. Mike Crabbe

  6. What’s your success percentage for bow hunters? I understand that many factors are involved…weather, ability of hunter, ‘pickyness’ Of hunter….

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Skip, thanks for your interest in hunting with us this season. We usually run about a 65% opportunity rate on bucks over 140 inches. As you noted, depending on weather and time of the year it may vary up or down.

    1. Hi Kevin, in Illinois hunters can only use shotgun or muzzleloaders for firearm hunting. We do have a few spots left for our firearm seasons.

    1. Hi Jim, we sent you an email. Please be sure to let us know if you have any questions by giving us a call at 217-734-2526. Thank you!

    1. Yes Michelle, we’ll send you an email with additional information for next year’s pricing on our whitetail hunts. Thank you!

  7. I am very interested in the November 29th – December 3rd bow hunt. Can you please send me the details for a payment plan. I would love to come out and see some real deer for a change, not like the NY state deer I hunt. Thanks

    1. Hello James, we’ll send you an email regarding our payment plans. Feel free to give us a call today at 217-734-2526 to speak with a whitetail guide. Thank you!

  8. Would like to muzzleloader hunt next season would like to know info on full prices for any openings. Any info would be awesome I have never hunted away from Florida. Thanks

  9. I would like some information on your 2020 hunts. Would possibly be my buddy with his crossbow an me with my compound bow. Would prefer to hunt during the rut

  10. Looking to get some dates and pricing for 2020 firearms season

    One other question does it cost more by the size of the deer


  11. Hey guys! I was curious if you offer a military discount on any of the hunts. I’m trying to surprise my Dad with an early Christmas gift. He introduced me to the outdoors when I was little and I want to treat him to the trophy hunt he deserves. Thank you in advance!

  12. Can you send me information on the dates and rates for 2020 hunts? And also is there a payment package we can workout as well?

  13. Hi I would like info on payment plan for 2020 for 2. I would like to hunt the rut with muzzleloader or crossbow. I am from Lynchburg Va. Do you have a $1900 special for a four day hunt? If I were to book a hunt for 4 could the 5th person hunt for free? Some places will do that. I love what you are doing.
    Thank you
    John Lindstrom

  14. Hello, please forward info for 2020 available hunts. I am interested in securing a Nov rut hunt.


  15. Interested in bow hunting packages around Halloween. Week of Halloween through first couple weeks of November.
    Cost of packages and payment plans. Thank you for your time

  16. do you have any hunts available in 2020 Oct 31st-Nov 10? 3 or 4 days in that time frame. Also, do you offer a military discount? What are the prices?

  17. I’d love to know more about the 2020 archery hunts (prices and dates). Thank you for your time and hope to visit this coming year!

  18. Can you please send me information on 2020 hunting rates and open dates? This would be for a couple, but only one hunter.

  19. Do you have dates available for next year youth hunt?what would the cost of this be? And what are the chances of an opportunity to harvest a buck??

  20. Hello Gary, Interested in a 2020 shotgun at your place. My wife wants to come along just to get out of town here, while I’m out in the field. Please send me the required information to make this happen.

    1. Hello Thurman, thanks for inquiring about a whitetail hunt for next season. We’ll send you an email with additional information regarding our hunts. Thank you!

  21. I am looking at booking a hunt for my son as a graduation gift for the 2020 season can i get more info on hunts and payments thank you..

    1. Hello Darren, thanks for inquiring about a whitetail hunt. I sent you an email with information on our payment plans, please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!

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