One more change of the calendar

The season is getting closer and you now realize that with only one more flip of the page the calendar will reveal the opening day of Illinois deer season. Some of you are wondering where you are going to be sitting on opening day, and some already know. Hopefully, since opening day falls on a Saturday everyone will be able to be sitting in a tree stand instead of in the office staring out a window wishing they were hunting.

Here at the lodge we are ready and counting down the days until we get the chance to meet the hunters for opening week. The food plots are looking great this year with an awesome stand of clover, turnips, and a few other secrets seeds. It is also looking like we are going to have a great acorn crop this year. As for the corn and soybeans, this year looks to be a lot like last year where most of the corn and beans should be starting to get cut around mid-September, weather permitting.

Trail cameras are a helpful scouting tool that we use here at the lodge, and can help you tremendously on your own ground. We have posted some picture on the website at Trail cams and hopefully we’ll get a chance to put a true tape on some of these bruiser hanging on the buck pole. Also we have been scouting in the morning and evening and have a few videos posted at scouting video 

Good luck to everyone this season and if you are not sure where you will be hunting opening day or this season give me a call at the office at 217-734-2526 or shoot me an email at and we can get something lined out for you…Matt

Last Updated: August 28th, 2011

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