Opening Week – Archery Illinois

October 7th, 2012


Illinios Deer Hunting Opening WeekAs the first week of archery deer season here in Pike County, Illinois comes to an end, our hunters here at Harpole’s Heartland Lodge had a successful week. With the weather warm for the first few days, along with a lot of acorns starting to drop, action in the woods was a little slow but a few of our hunters from Rhode Island were able to get on deer and harvested 3 does during their hunt here. I found time to converse with them and they were extremely positive hunters out to have a good time and just enjoyed sitting out in the woods. They were very appreciative of their guide Chris Strickland who took care of them very well along with putting them on deer. There are other hunters that are still in who happen to be from Ecuador and with this colder weather coming through deer activity has increased which correlates with more buck sightings. In the past two days we have had hunter’s spot nice bucks while in the stand but with no opportunity for a clean shot. At 8 a.m. this morning Ricardo, one of the hunters from Ecuador, shot at a buck. Trent Lemmer decided to back out and give the buck time to expire so there’s no chance of jumping the deer potentially not finding it. All of our Ecuador friends ended up getting shot opportunities.  For the opening week of archery season it has been an eventful one and hopefully it is a great start to an excellent season. Good luck to all youth hunter’s this season, and to all, hunt safe.

Pictured – Ecuador hunters with three of the five deer they harvested.

Aaron Pohl

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