Sitka Whitetail Hunt Week

June 27th, 2012

Jeff Sposito Sitka Whitetail Deer IllinoisFor the third year in a row, Sitka pro-staff member Jeff Sposito will be joining the Heartland Lodge Crew for a trophy whitetail hunt October 11th-15th. Last year was an incredible week for Jeff and all the hunters who hunted during the Stika week. Jeff took his first whitetail ever and even shot a doe during his hunt as well. Jeff also handed out some great Sitka give-aways.  Once again Jeff will be bringing along some new Sitka gear for hunters to try out while in the field. There will be give-aways going on during the week from both Sitka and Harpole’s Heartland Lodge for hunters to win while they are in camp. One give-away will be a chance to come back late season for a 4n/3 day hunt!! If you’re interested in joining us this week feel free to call me at 800-717-4868 or email me at This is one of the hunters, guides and my favorite week of the year! Spots are available but limited…Matt

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  1. That hunt is over me 56th birthday. What a blast that would be but I will have to work and can’t afford it. Have a great hunt.

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