Driving & Walking Tours

Abe Lincoln's Talking House Tour

Self-guided driving and walking tour of the sites and homes in Pittsfield with Abraham Lincoln history. Tune your car radio in to the indicated FM radio station at each stop and listen to a brief story of Lincoln's history. There are also signs in front of each stop along the tour.

*This is the Pike County Visitor's Center and the starting point for the Talking House Tour.

Pittsfield Historical Walking Tour

The Lincoln wayside exhibit and the refurbished William Watson Hotel are just two of the stops on this self-guided walking tour through Pittsfield, IL. The majority of the central part of town is listed as a Historic District on the National Register. The Walking Tour brochure is available at the Visitor Center.

*This is the Pike County Visitor's Center. Pick up the Walking Tour brochure here.

Calhoun County Barn Quilts

Community-based effort to promote & preserve the rural heritage. 82 quilt patterns have been hand-painted by volunteers onto wooden blocks and then placed on various barns & buildings through the county. The quilts and barns represent families who settled in Calhoun County and many current residents are direct descendants of those original settlers. The quilts can be viewed from public roadways and are displayed throughout the entire year.

Underground Railroad Driving Trou

Jacksonville was a hub for the Underground Railroad in the mid-1800's and has at least nine documented sites related to this journey of freedom. To download a brochure and a map of the sites, click on the "Maps and Travel" link at the top of their website. Although most of the sites are private residences, many can still be seen from this driving tour.