New Zealand Tour Across America Stops at Heartland

For the third year in a row, our good friends from New Zealand and Australia stopped at Heartland for a couple days to relax and enjoy our mid-west hospitality. “Heartland Lodge reminds us so much of home. The relaxing atmosphere and friendly people remind us of New Zealand”. One of the guest commented.

After making the trip across the Pacific Ocean their 31 day tour started in San Francisco and they traveled across America on the California Zephyr through Reno, Salt Lake City, Denver and ended up in Burlington Iowa. From Burlington a tour bus brought them to Heartland Lodge were they spent two days. “Heartland is by far one of the favorite stops on the tour” Ian Metcalf said. Ian is the organizer of the tour. From Heartland they leave and tour the Mississippi River and the Historic Route 66. Their mid-west tour ends in Chicago were they will fly to Boston to enjoy New England and Portsmouth.

As the fall colors are changing their tour will take them through scenic New Hampshire and Vermont to Montreal. They will enjoy a couple days in Canada in Montreal and Toronto.  They will then fly from Toronto to New York, were their tour across America and Canada ends.

It is always a pleasure to see our Aussie and New Zealand visit each year.

Last Updated: September 20th, 2011

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  2. Can’t say enough abpit the excellent experience they have had there. Definitely interested in both. Would love to visit your property soon.

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  4. Big city properties is most of my experience.But I am just a small town girl..who’s idea of a vacation is the river and woods..preferably with mushrooms in them.

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