Gary Bird

November 30th, 2021

“I have hunted with Harpole’s every year since 2016, most years booking a hunt for both Deer and Turkey. Understanding I hunt solely with a longbow, most years have led to opportunities for both Deer and Turkey. Deer hunts have always been exciting, having opportunities to observe shooter deer chasing, fighting and bedding within 40 yds. 2021 was another first, I observed a 10 point and an 8 point in a stand off with two does close by resulting in an aggressive snort/wheeze (23 yds). I normally climb into the stand prior to first light and do not come down until after dark. Matt has always gone the extra mile to ensure good stand placement through advanced scouting. Often while in the stand I would text Matt describing a deer, only to Matt send a trail cam picture back to me of the actual deer! Fun stuff.

Following the hunt each day is a great time of telling and listening to stories while eating dinner in a family style environment (meals are exceptional). Harpole’s staff have almost turned into family members! My time spent in the woods at Harpole’s continue to be cherished highly!”

Gary Bird
Inman, SC
October 2021

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