Illinois Quail Hunting

Hunting wild quail in Illinois, especially in Pike County, has been a tradition that goes back to when settlers first arrived to the area. The native prairie grasses of Illinois are ideal habitat for coveys of wild quail. With the introduction of farming and fence rows providing extra cover, quail flourish in Illinois.

Upland fields in Pike County ILHeartland’s owner, Gary Harpole, grew up hunting quail in these fields at places like “Uncle Lyle’s farm.” These farms were full of overgrown fence rows, grasses and grain fields. Many hunting traditions were created during this time in the Harpole family. The traditional quail hunt began with stopping by the small town grocery store and picking up a loaf of bread, a pound of bologna, and can of soda for lunch. Quail hunting began at daybreak and continued until dark, walking along fence rows, watching pointing dogs lock up, anticipating the wild flush. Many fond hunting memories were made this way, created with family and friends, and passed down to future generations of quail hunters.

These same traditions (besides the bologna) continue on at Heartland Lodge. Many of the farms we hunt are just like “Uncle Lyle’s farm” The farms still have the old fence rows, native grasses, and a mixture of food plots and grain fields. This prime habitat ensures that coveys of wild quail are scattered across all of our properties.

Come step back in time with us and continue the tradition of wild quail hunting in Illinois that started here many generations ago.